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The Engineering Department held a series of Orientation Programs on how students can choose their preferred specialization course in Engineering from June 12 to June 15, 2017 in Room 1078 of the Main Building. The Orientation Programs were held in one of the two Physics 2 (PHYS 1211) Laboratory Classes per week, for each section; (there are eight (8) sections of PHYS 1211 this semester), to effectively reach more students that may proceed to Diploma Year 2 Specialization by next semester,( Semester 1, 2017-2018). By employing this strategy, 115 students were able to attend the Orientation Programs.

The Engineering Department assigned Dr. K. Elangovan, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Head of Section; Dr. V. Ilankumaran, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Head of Section; Dr. Geetha and Mr. Ragupathi, Registration Coordinators for Engineering Department, to conduct the orientation. The four speakers took two sections each.

It was the Ramadan month and the class schedules were shortened and in order not to adversely affect the time allotted for the laboratory class, the Orientation Program topics were condensed to up to 15-minute sessions.

The speakers discussed only the following most important points.

  • the different Engineering Specializations offered in each of the seven Colleges of Technology in Oman
  • the qualifications and requirements to get into certain specializations
  • the limitations on the number of slots or seats open in each specialization, in each College of Technology
  • how to apply for a specialization course in the AMS and Ministry System
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The staff development committee of the Engineering Department organized a training program on, “Auto CAD V-2015” on June 8, 2017 from 11:00 am to 12.00 noon.

Mr. J. Arthur Davis, the speaker of the program, presented an overview of Auto CAD.

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In recent years, the number of College graduates in Oman has been steadily increasing; resulting in a clamor for getting favorable employment in the various companies and agencies within the Sultanate. The competition for landing a job which are preferred by the graduates has become fiercer. However, some graduates, upon leaving the College, are quite unsure as to the steps they have to take and where to go in order to start searching for that “dream” job.

To help guide the Engineering students, those who are on the exit level, the Engineering department conducted an orientation program on job placement preparations on May 25, 2017, from 10:00 to 11:00 am, at the Multi-Purpose Hall in the Engineering Building.

Dr. K. Elangovan, Head of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Section, spoke about the following: Scope of Placement, Stages of Recruitment, Guidelines to be Followed (in taking Aptitude and Technical Tests), Preliminary Preparation for [Job] Placement, and other relevant topics. He also presented the various job opportunities for Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering graduates, gave them lists of hiring companies and industries, cited the requirements or qualifications and credentials each applicant must present, and provided examples of questions and types that may come in the tests.

There was a good turn up in the attendance and it is hoped that they have gleaned some essential tips and received the information they needed to help them in the future when they start hunting for jobs.

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A Research Oriented Programme was organized by the Research and Consultancy Committee of the Engineering Department on May 25, 2017. Mr. Mubarak Hamed Rashid Al-Ghafri from Majan Electricity Company was the resource person.

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Engineering students conducted a workshop on how to use Prezi Presentation on their own initiative and with the assistance of the Engineering Society, on May 22, 2017, 2 pm, at the Free Access Lab of the Engineering Building. Ms. Ibtisam Suliman Al-Hatemeia, an Advanced Diploma Electronics Engineering student, was the Workshop Resource Speaker. Twenty-nine students were present.

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The Electrical and Electronics Section of the Engineering Department with the assistance of the Engineering Society, organized a workshop entitled, PIC Microcontrollers and Its Applications, for two days, on May 11 and 18 respectively, 2017, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, at the Analog and Digital Laboratory. The workshop had 18 Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Level Electronics Engineering student participants. Dr. Carlos Santos, Mr. Reddy Ganesh, and Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sajid were the Resource Speakers of the workshop.

Dr. Carlos was the first presenter and lecturer who started by sharing his experiences with the PIC Microcontroller and its various applications.

In order to orient and educate students more in Entrepreneurship, other than what they may have already learned in Entrepreneurship (Engineering Diploma Year 1 course), the Engineering Society held a program which featured IbriCT alumnus, Mr. Marwan Awadh Al-Yaquobi, to speak about his experiences in starting his own Real Estate Trading Business.

The Staff Research and Consultancy Committee of the Department of Engineering organized a research orientation program titled, “Research Scope on Inter-laminar Fracture of Laminated Composites”, for the faculty members on Thursday, May18, 2017 at 10 am in the Manual Drawing Hall (B106). Dr.V.Alfred Franklin, Lecturer of Engineering Department was the speaker of the program and he addressed the research scope of aerospace composites and damage tolerance analysis.

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In order to prepare IbriCT students for the job market and as future professionals, the students are sent to undergo On-the-Job (OJT) Training in the various companies all over Oman before graduation procedures will be initiated.

IbriCT Engineering Department conducted their On-the-Job Training (OJT) Orientation Program for Engineering Students on May 7, 2017, 10:00 am, at the Multi-Purpose Hall in the Engineering Building.

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The Electrical and Electronics Section of the Engineering Department conducted a five-day workshop on Arduino Basics and Its Applications on May 7-10, 2017, 2:00-4:00 pm, at the Electronics Workshop (B120), with the assistance of the Engineering Society. Twenty-nine (29) students mostly from the Electronics Engineering Section participated in the said event.

Three (3) resource speakers shared their knowledge on Arduino, namely: Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sajid (Technician/Staff

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