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Be a member of IT Club!
Business Day successfully held
ETC Web Team developed the new college website
English Language Center Open House
Be a member of iTech Society now!
Moodle Training for the ELC Lecturers
January 2010 Intake Induction Programme
Where Will the IT Jobs Be in 2010?
Predictions for 2010: Five Changes in the Way We Work
What Should We Teach New Software Developers?
Ibri College Student Statistics as of January 2010
IbriCT and Al-Kalbani Office joined into an Educational and Training Partnership
Induction Program Schedule for Foundation Level
IbriCT Ranked First in Oman Skills Graphics Design Competition
First iTech Week Successfully Held
Launching of IT Club at Ibri College
IbriCT and Al-Hasher Company's Educational and Training Partnership Project
Welcome Dr. Bader Ahmed Abuid!
Eid Al Adha Holiday
Oman Celebrates National Day
Wilayat of Ibri Celebrates the 40th National Day of Oman
IbriCT meets ShinasCT
IbriCT Celebrated 40th National Day of Oman
IbriCT's Celebration for Oman National Day, a huge success!
Induction Week Schedule
Orientation Day for New Students
Stress Management Seminar at IbriCT
IbriCT Online Registration System
IbriCT Open Day
Symposium on "Negative Student's Behavior and Ways to Deal with It"
Health Care Seminar on "The Right Use of Medicine"
Induction Program – Teaching Staff
Workshop on Strategic Plan, Operational Plan and ADRI
Engineering Induction Programme
A Symposium "Negative Student's Behavior and Means to Deal with It"

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