Opening of Electrical & Electronics Workshops Sponsored by LNG
Apr 19, 2015
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Liquid Natural Gas Company (LNG) has generously sponsored furnishing of eight different laboratories with state of the art workstations and laboratories equipment and instruments in the Engineering Department. These laboratories serve hundreds of students in both Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels for the engineering students in Electrical Power Engineering and Electronics & Communications Engineering specializations.

These new facilities give completely new experience in teaching and learning to both staff and students. The lecturers and technicians can readily demonstrate and give training to the students as all the commonly used instruments such as CROs, Function Generators, Power supplies and other basic equipment are fitted permanently to the motor driven work benches. These work benches can be raised up and down electronically and therefore are very convenient to conduct both theory and practical classes. During theory classes, the work benches can be lowered down and the students can conveniently follow the lecturer as if they are in a regular class room. By raising these work benches up, the venue will be converted to a lab and students can conduct the practical work. This arrangement very much facilitates the learning process by providing both class room and lab environment at the same place. All labs are supplied with central control unit which enable the staff to use the facilities as per the actual needs.

Training on how to use these facilities was conducted to engineering staff, lecturers and technicians by the supplier company. Since the completion of the work on November 2014, the department was using these facilities without any problem and the supplier was helpful in giving any assistance when needed. We in the engineering department are very happy and thankful to the ministry of Manpower and LNG for sponsoring this project hoping that such support and cooperation will continue for the benefit of the young Omani generation and the educational process in the sultanate.