Dr. Al Omeri receives award for PhD in Arabic Literature
Posted by: Ms.Laly Antoney
Business Studies
Sep 25, 2016
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Dr. Abdul Jaleel Said Salem Al-Omeri, lecturer in Business Studies Department recently received an award for completing his Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic Literature last August 9, 2016 at Menoufia University, Shebeen El-Kom, Egypt.

Dr. Al-Omeri completed his analytical study on “Romance in Al Aqad Poetry between Creativity & Criticism.” He investigated the concept of romance through its historical manifestation of Arab poets ranging from Ehya and Baath School, through Al-Dywan School and Apollo Group to Al-Mahjer Group focusing on Aqad’s poem.

Moreover, Dr, Al-Omeri proved that the basic principles involving romance with varying degrees of application in passion, imagination and perception of self, nature, and freedom, are all the same but has varying degrees of self-expression. His study revealed that the original culture of Aqad has a direct influence on the romanticism expressed in the proses and poems of Aqad. It also focused on some important variables that affect the characteristics of Aqad’s romanticism such as emotion, concept, behavior, fantasy, nature, language, poem, subjectivity, freedom, and beauty. He pointed out some criticisms on Aqad’s poetry where the poet is unsuccessful in choosing some symbols and pictures to ideally express romance in his poetry.

Dr. Al-Omeri completed his doctoral study under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Osama Moosa of Menoufia University, Egypt.