ELC holds GFPA presentation
Posted by: Muhammad Aslam
English Language Center
Oct 5, 2016
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The English Language Center conducted a General Foundation Program Audit awareness presentation last October 5, 2016 in the VIP Room of Ibri College of Technology.

The presenters of the aforesaid event were Mr. Mohammad Al Shammakhi and Dr. Miriam Cordova. At the outset, Mr. Jamil Al Manasra, Head of the English Language Center, introduced the new staff members and stressed on the importance of teamwork and commitment for quality education. Dr.  Cordova highlighted the important stages of GPFA, self-study process and the targets that Ibri College of Technology has achieved so far. She also briefed the future plans and strategies to implement them. Mr. Mohammad Al Shammakhi enumerated the changes that have taken place in the GFPA sub-domains and criteria since last meeting in April, 2016. He also updated the progress on Stage 1 of GFPA. The teachers were reminded of their role and responsibilities to involve themselves in the GFPA process. They are to create awareness among students about mission and vision, policies, operational plan, and various academic and general support services in ELC. In addition, they should provide speedy and timely feedback to the students to help them improve their performance.

All the staff members from ELC and the concerned Hos from IT and Mathematics departments attended this activity.