EE/ECE Section Conducts Project Orientation Program
Jan 31, 2017
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The Electrical Power (EE) and Electronics & Telecommunications (ECE) Engineering Section of the Ibri College of Technology, Engineering Department recently held their Project Orientation Program on January 17, 2017, 9:00-10:00 am, at the Multi-Purpose Hall.

Dr. V. Ilankumaran, Head of the EE/ECE Section (HOS), delivered and presented to the students registered in Diploma Project and Advanced Diploma Project on how to go about a proper project-making process. He emphasized the need for each student to form a group with other students whom they can work well with and have similar class schedules. He also urged the students to choose their Project Supervisor wisely by choosing someone whose specialization is the same as their field of interests and whose vacant hours are similar to their vacant hours in order to coordinate and work more efficiently.

Students were told to choose their projects according to their capability and level of skill that are within their field of interests. They were instructed to simulate the circuit on PSpice or Proteus simulation softwares to check its functionality. If the circuit works according to parameters of the design, they may connect the circuit on the breadboard and then test it while on breadboard. Once the circuit works properly on breadboard, only then will they construct and test it on PCB. The EE students were told that they may need to learn how to do proper soldering work as they have not learned how in any previous courses. When the circuit is completed and working, they are to place the entire circuit with all the paraphernalia inside an acrylic box. Students were also reminded to write entries in their log report constantly and to complete the project Final Report in time for Final Presentation.

So that there will less confusion later regarding the marks he/she will get, Dr. Ilankumaran stressed on how each student in a group will earn his/her marks for each item in the Grading Criteria.

The students are urged to form their groups and choose their Supervisor immediately so that the group can start with the project-making process the soonest and finish everything before the end of the semester.