Visit to International Marble Company (IMC LLc.)
Posted by: Abid Siddique
Nov 10, 2016
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The Department of Engineering Ibri CT visited the International Marble Co LLC, (IMC) on November 1, 2016. The purpose of this visit was to focus on the following targets.

OJT Placement of Ibri College of Tech. • Projects feasibility • Research opportunities • MOU with IMC.

The following staff visited the International Marble Co. LLC to achieve the goals.

Nasser Al-Shammakhi (HoD, Engineering) • Elangovan Krishnamoorthy (HoS Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) • Abid Siddique (Physics Lecturer) • Arthur Nicholas (Mechanical Lecturer) B.Geetha Baskaran (Mechanical Lecturer) • Ali Al-Alwi (Ibri CT OJT Coordinator)

Mr. Hussein Ali Al-Kalbani, General Manager and Mr. Manoj Joseph, Operations manager welcomed the Engineering team. Mr. Hussein gave a brief history of the factory. Then, he explained the working units and production. He mentioned that there were two working units, one was totally automatic which was operated by five experts only and the other old unit was semi manual which was operated by 200 workers.

The engineering team also visited the operational units and all functional stages were explained comprehensively by the Operations manager. This factory is ISO 9001/14000 certified and has 75 dealers all over the world. Around 1000 workers including around 320 Oman nationals are doing a marvelous job.

Mr Hussein mentioned their few projects where marbles from IMC was used, such as the Sultan’s Palace, Muscat and Salalah airports, Omani museum, Opera house, Dubai Palm and Jumeirah beach Dubai etc. He also expressed his interest in accommodating 2-3 students at a time for OJT. Placement positions also will be considered for suitable graduates on the basis of their skill.

Mr Nasser Al-Shammakhi, HoD Engineering, expressed his interest to have a strong relationship between International Marbles and Ibri college of Technology. He also discussed the job placement of IbriCT students along with the research opportunities.

He also stated that if International Marbles has any innovative idea of any project relating to the Mechanical, Electrical or Electronics engineering, then the Engineering department of Ibri CT will be ready to fulfill their requirement. Mr Nasser invited Mr Hussein, (GM) to deliver a lecture to share his rich industrial experience and achievements with the students of Ibri CT, which will motivate the students to follow in his footsteps. The visit was fruitful for the mutual benefit of IbriCT and IMC LLc.

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