IbriCT celebrates Oman’s 46th National Day
Posted by: Manjula V.
Business Studies
Nov 17, 2016
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Ibri College of Technology celebrated Oman’s 46th National Day last November 16, 2016.  The event was spearheaded by Dr. Shaik Mastan Vali,  Mr. Shafik Khan and Dr. R. Pugalarasu.

As the event commenced, various activities were organised and participated by staff members and students.

The celebration highlighted the “Food for Noble Cause” led by Dr. Ashok and a group of students. A sale counter was arranged with various traditional and continental dishes contributed by staff members and students at the multi-purpose hall. Visitors purchased the displayed items offered by the organizers. The sale proceeds were donated to a charitable organization.

Also, Mr. Emtiyaz and some students organized an exhibition showcasing traditional items such as Omani dress, jewelry, pottery, handicraft, painting and traditional food to give an insight into Omani traditional life style.

Furthermore, a collage making contest with a theme “Sultan is the Best Leader” was organized by Mr. Akram, Mr. Abdulnaser and Mr. Manikandan. Students from different departments participated in this competition.  Dr. Shaik Mastan Vali, Mr. Shafik Khan and Dr. R. Pugalarasu judged the event and distributed prizes to the winning team.

Lastly, a quiz competition based on the general information related to the Sultanate of Oman was organised for the college staff members by Mr. Jabez and Mr. Tata Rao. The quiz covered 5 rounds of questions on geography, demography, events, and symbol. Mr. Bijja Srinivas also contributed for organising the inputs.

The program was organised by Ms. Sumaya Al- Jassai – Head of Student Activities, Ms. Manjula V from the Business Department and Ms. Fazilat Jahan from the English Language Centre.