Health Awareness Program – Role of medicine on your health
Posted by: Dr. K.Elangovan
Nov 28, 2016
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   Health Awareness Program – Role of medicine on your health

The Health & Safety committee of IbriCT organized a health awareness program on “Role of Medicine on your Health” on 13th November 2016 in Lecture Theater. Mr.Othman Al-Ghafri, Ibri Hospital, Ministry of Health was the resource person. The program started at 11.00 AM with a welcome address by Mr. Khalifa Al Alawi, member H&S committee of IbriCT and the objective of the program is creating awareness on health while using medicines.

Mr.Othman Al –Ghafri brief the role of medicine on health care in the following areas:

  • Different types of antibiotics and its need
  • How to use antibiotics under illness?
  • The side effects of antibiotics, if we take excessively without doctors advise
  • The impact of antibiotics on pregnant ladies
  • Procedure of preserving medicines and
  • General advise on health care

      The program was well received by the students by actively interacting with the presenter. 

Dr. K.Elangovan, the coordinator of Health and Safety committee proposed the vote of thanks and concludes the health awareness program at 12.00 Noon.