Scope of Renewable Energy Systems & its Applications, SORESA- 2016
Posted by: Ms. Sudha Bansal
Nov 30, 2016
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Renewable Energy Resources appear to be the one of the most efficient and effective solutions to environmental problems and depletion of natural resources. Aiming to spread awareness about renewable energy resources for the students, future researchers and academicians, the Research and Consultancy Committee, Department of Engineering organized a workshop on “Scope of Renewable Energy Systems & its Applications, SORESA- 2016" in association with Baabood LLC., the second annual event on Renewable Energy Resources on November 22, 2016. This workshop, SORESA- 2016, mainly focused on:

• Various renewable energy systems especially wind and solar
• Status and scope of renewable energy systems in Oman
• Cost effective analysis of these renewable energy systems
• Material advancements in designing solar panels
• Requirement of energy storage systems for renewable energy systems and role of batteries

The workshop started with the inaugural speech by Dr. Younus Al Zaabi, ADAA, Ibri CT. In his influential speech, there was a wakeup call aimed at students and researchers to focus more on the possibility of utilizing the renewable energy resources which are available in plenty in Oman. Dr Dharmasa, from Caledonian College of Engineering, Al-Hail, Muscat, started the series of presentations with a realistic key note speech.

He delivered a lecture on “Cost Effective Analysis of Solar and Wind power in Oman”, which was very informative. In his address, he mentioned the details of various solar and wind plants in Oman and its cost comparison with gas turbine plants. He also outlined the scope of grid extension, mini-grids and standalone household solar systems. It was followed by Dr. Naveed Hussain’s, ‘Advances in Materials for Solar energy and Energy storing devices’. The possibility of various materials to increase the efficiency of the solar system was elaborated in a passionate manner. Mr. Rajesh Murugan from Baabood LLC presented a talk on the, “Application of Batteries in Renewable Energy System”. Maintenance of Batteries to increase its lifetime was also discussed. Dr.Sujata S.Panicker delivered a lecture on “Metal Powders –A clean primary renewable energy source”.

Two presentations from students’ groups were also carried out on Solar and wind energy in Oman. These talks focused on the recent development of renewable energy in Oman. The session was attended by teaching staff members from various teaching departments of the college.

The session was well appreciated by all the participants and it was very interactive where the speakers addressed all the queries by giving practical examples. Ms. Sudha Bansal, Coordinator, Engineering department Research and consultancy committee organized this workshop. Mr. Arthur Davis, Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed, Dr. Carlos, Dr. Alfred Franklin, members of Engineering department research and consultancy committee extended their valuable cooperation to make the workshop successful. Dr.V. Ilankumaran, Dr.K Elangovan, and Dr. Geetha Baskaran chaired different sessions of workshop and rendered their expertise in smooth open discussions. At the end of the session, Mr. Nasser Al-Shammakhi, Head, Department of Engineering handed over the certificates and mementos to the speakers and organizers. The event successfully concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Nasser Al-Shammakhi.