Launch of the Tidings Newsletter
Posted by: Peter Hurst
English Language Center
Dec 5, 2016
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The ELC welcomed in November 2016 with a celebratory meeting in the VIP room to honour the launch of Tidings. Members of the Media Committee and special guests gave warm-hearted speeches to thank all contributors for their hard work and dedication to the project.

 After a brief introduction by Ms Amal, Dr Jamil formally kicked off the occasion by expressing thanks to all those involved in the newsletter, and by describing it as 'an asset to the language centre and our institution.' A sentiment I'm sure we all share. Ms Amal then expressed her appreciation for and to the team, and stated that the next issue will be published in January.

 We were honoured by a guest appearance from the Dean of the College, Dr Said Kashoob. The Dean expressed his appreciation, and commented that the newsletter 'will benefit all of the ELC, and the college as a whole'. Dr Said suggested that perhaps in future editions students could be involved in the project. Ms Amal and Ms Anu have a plan for implementing this idea in upcoming editions.

 Last but not least, Ms Anu explained the current layout and content of the newsletter. From her presentation, we learnt that the first edition is a blend of edifying articles, poetic musings, details for upcoming events, whimsical cartoons, informative book reviews, and much more.

 I would like to echo the thanks and praise offered to Ms Amal, Ms Priya, Ms Anu, and Mr Michael, and to all the other contributors for what, I'm sure we all agree, is an excellent publication. I wish it every success in the future. Many thanks to everyone who attended, especially Dr Jamil Al-Manasrah, Dean Dr Said Kashoob, Assistant Dean Dr Younis Al Zaabi and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Ms Nawal Al-Sawafi, and the heads of the Business, IT and Engineering departments.

 A special thanks to Mr Wiled for his technical assistance and photography skills during the celebration.