How to Engage Today's Students?
Posted by: Muhammad Aslam
English Language Center
Dec 5, 2016
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As part of staff development program, ELC Professional Development Committee arranged a presentation on 30th November in the VIP room. Ms Rahma Al Alawi, Lecturer ELC, was the presenter. All the staff members who were free from 10.30 am to 11.30am attended this activity. Ms Rahma chose very interesting and relevant topic “How to Engage Today's Students”. Today’s students are very different from the ones a decade ago. The concept of teaching and learning has undergone through drastic changes due to the advent of modern technology and communication applications. The traditional classroom atmosphere and teaching strategies are no longer as effective as they had been in the past. Therefore, the teachers of modern era need to cope with modern technology and use it positively in the classroom. Ms Rahma highlighted the causes of less concentration span of modern students and she enumerated various online programs that can be used to involve the students in the classroom activities using modern technology. The programs such as Socrative, Infuse Learning, Quiz Socket, Verso, etc., can be very effective for quizzes, homework, class practice, students’ feedback, etc. She also demonstrated one of the programs and its application for various class activities. It was appreciated by everyone. This presentation was very fruitful for the participants. At the end Mr. Jamil, the HOC, appreciated the efforts of Ms Rahma and urged upon English Language teachers to adopt innovative teaching techniques and strategies according to the changing demands of modern students.