BSD Industry visit – Central Bank of Oman, Head Office, Muscat
Posted by: Mr.Sai Kishore
Business Studies
Mar 15, 2017
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BSD’s Industry visit – Central Bank of Oman, Head Office, Muscat


As part of the practical orientation for the course ‘Financial Institutions and Services’ in Diploma 2 year – Human Resources, its course teacher Mr. Sai Kishore V. organized a visit for the students to the Central Bank of Oman, Head Office, Muscat on March,14,2017, with the help of a student Mr. Al Mouaid Sulaim.

Mr. Ishaq, in Central Bank of Oman, HR department, welcomed the group of students and the accompanying teacher Mr. Sai Kishore at 10.20 am.   Three different interactive sessions were arranged by CBO to create awareness among the students on the various activities that are being undertaken by CBO.  Mr. Malik, CBO employee started with the first session with the objectives of CBO, later it was handed over to Mr. Abdullah to speak on monetary functions.  In the third session, Mr. Basam elaborated on the activities of various departments within CBO viz., Treasury, Research and Marketing, Monetary functions, International settlements & Investment. 

In the final session, the group was taken for a round to ‘Currency Museum’ in Central Bank of Oman, where Mr.Ibrahim (In-charge for the museum), explained about the monumental currency notes and  the coins and its origin.

Students had participated enthusiastically and clarified their doubts and queries.  Hospitality, Professionalism and the Time management shown by the CBO was impeccable throughout the visit.

Mr. Sai Kishore and the students expressed their gratitude to Mr.Ishaq (CBO) and Mr.Abdulhattah (CBO) for making this visit possible and a great success.  Students and the staff member returned back to Ibri at 6 pm with fabulous experiences and enlightenment on CBO operations.