IT Dept. holds 2nd iTech Marathon Competition
Information Technology
Mar 6, 2017
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As part of Technical Cultural Week, the IT Department, through iTech Club committee, conducted its 2nd iTech Marathon Competition  on March 06, 2016 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Multi-Purpose Hall, VIP Room, Free Access Laboratory, Hardware Laboratory, and Network Laboratory. 

This event aims to enhance the knowledge of IT skills amongst the students and to encourage the students to participate in technical competition. The said competition consisted of five categories such as: networking, web programming, project demonstration, mathematics and photography contests.

Ten colleges participated in this competition namely: Ibri College of Technology, Ibra College of Technology, Shinas College of Technology, Al Musanna College of Technology, Nizwa College of Technology, College of Applied Science and IBRI Waljat College of Applied Sciences, Sohar University, University of Buraimi College and Higher College of Technology. Furthermore, around 90 participants graced the event.

The winners of the aforesaid competition were the following:

1) Programming contest:

  • First place: (Waljat College of Applied sciences)
    Avinash Gopal Urvashi Kishnahi
  • Second Place: (College of applied Science, IBRI)
    Ali AL-Balushi Abdulaziz AL-Balushi
  • Third Place : (Sohar University )
    S.M.Shadman Shahriar Mazen Said AL-Badi

2 )Project Demonstration contest:

  • (Nizwa College of Technology)
    Rahma Nasser AL-Julandani Asma Ahmed AL-Fahdiya

3)Networking Contest:

  • First place: (Al Musanna College of Technology)
    Ibrahim Ali AL-Balushi Balqees Khalifa ALFarsi
  • Second Place: (Shinas College of Technology)
    Saif Khalaf ALSaidi Marwan Abdullah AL-Saifi
  • Third Place: Waljat College of Applied sciences
    M.Srinidhi Vignesh Harish

4) Photography  contest:

  • First place: ((Nizwa College of Technology)
    Hani Hamdan Said AL-Saleimani
  • Second Place: (Ibra College of Technology)
    Khalfan Saif AL-Ruqadi
  • Third Place: Shinas College of Technology
    Abdulaziz Murad AL-Mamari

5) Mathematics contest:

    • First place: Waljat College of Applied sciences)
    • Zunaira Zubair Ahmed Basma Zubair
  • Second Place: (Sohar University )
    Zaid Jamel Ali Khalfan ALGhaithi
  • Third Places: University for Buraimi College
    Rasha Imad Hikmat Safa Ali ALJabri

Mr.Safik Khan, head of IT Department, thanked all those who participated and attended the competition. The winners received their prizes from Mr.Younus Al Zaabi, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Ms.Nawal Al Sawafi, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. All participants with their corresponding colleges also received their certificates and mementoes.