Self-Consciousness in Organizational Dynamics
Information Technology
Dec 1, 2016
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Self-Consciousness and awareness of oneself are two of many key characteristics that define organizational dynamics and promotes an effective, hassle-free work culture. This knowledge was gained through the workshop that was conducted by the speakers of Business Department on behalf of the faculty in IT Department through the Staff Development Committee (SDC).

Dr. Antony Kishore introduced the speakers - Mr.Saikishore and Mr.Sandeep after which Mr.Saikishore took the stage in starting a simple interactive and engaging activity of identifying key role models in our society. The names that were brought up by the audience were Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Bill Clinton, Dr.Abdul Kalam and many others. The speaker then instigated the audience to highlight individuals with key Skills and Attitude. It was observed that more people identified attitudes than skills. This was the first lesson of the workshop. The speaker presented a few ABCs of attitude and have stated that it is the attitude of people that are of higher significance and that we may have numerous skills but at the end of the day it is the attitude that counts. The speaker also briefed a few methods in developing attitude. The second part of the workshop involved an inspirational talk by Mr.Sandeep regarding self-consciousness which is one of the key methods in refining the attitude of an individual. Mr.Sandeep discussed the importance of knowing ones’ self rather than trying to  imitate others. He emphasized that it is important to have an understanding of one’s self and be self-motivated. This helps us to clear our doubts, worries and clear our minds of negative thoughts.

Following the discussion, the speakers were thanked and certificates were handed by Mr.Safik, HoD-IT who stated the importance of such talks in the IT department and also encouraged to have more talks in the future. Mr. Brian – SDC Coordinator, thanked the audience for attending the event after which a feedback session was conducted.