Workshop on Designing of Course/Program Learning Outcomes
Posted by: Mr.Brian Chacko
Information Technology
Dec 15, 2016
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The Information Technology department of IbriCT conducted a workshop on “Designing of Course/Program Learning Outcomes” on 15th December 2016. The staff development committee of the department organized the workshop along with the internal QA team.

The objective of the workshop was to learn how to design Learning outcomes for courses and programs based on Vision, Mission and Graduate Attributes. About twenty six staff members from various departments including Information Technology, Business Studies attended the workshop.

The workshop started with a welcome speech by HoD-IT, Mr.Safik Khan. Also he briefed about the objective of the workshop to the audience.

Mr.V.A.Guruprasath, Lecturer-IT initially gave a presentation on classifications of Goal, Objective and Learning outcomes of a program and course. Then he gave an activity on finding the difference between objectives and Learning outcomes of a program/course to the participants.   After successfully completing this activity, the speaker explained about the characteristics of Learning outcomes, Objectives and Goals of a program/ course.

The speaker gave another activity of finding the source documents to derive the learning outcomes of a course. Then he explained about the importance of Graduate attribute, how they were developed and their significance in designing the learning outcomes. Finally the speaker, Mr.V.A.Guruprasath explained how the learning outcomes are designed from Graduate Attributes. The participants enthusiastically interacted with the speaker to know about designing the learning outcomes.