2nd College Cultural Day
Posted by: Dr.Amita
Business Studies
Jan 9, 2017
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Ibri College of Technology celebrated its second College Cultural Day dubbed as Enfys 2016 last December 21, 2016. This mega cultural event was inaugurated by the honourable Dean, Dr. Said Al-Kashoob and Assistant Dean Academics, Mr. Younus Al-Zaabi with its first segment, Taste Is Best, at the college reception at 10:30 am. Taste Is Best displayed a variety of delicacies and cuisines from different cultures by IT, ETC, Business Studies, Admin & HR and ELC. Along with the administrative heads, the event coordinators, Dr. Sultan Al-Ghafri [ELC] and Dr. Ansarul Haque [BSD], a panel of judges consisting Ms. Mariette Oberholzer [ELC], Mr. William Ancheta [IT], Ms. Safiya Al-Hamdi [BSD] and Dr. Raj Thirumavalavan [Eng’g] visited and complimented the well-decorated stalls appreciating efforts done by the departments/centres. In this food competition, IT stood first, ELC came second and the third prize was bagged by Business Studies. Appreciation prizes were given to ETC and Admin & HR [4th and 5th].

The following segments of this event were held at the Lecture Theatre at 11:00 am. Dr. Ansarul Haque welcomed the chief guest, Sheikh Hamid Bin Saif Al-Nasri, Director General of Crome National Company, the Dean, the Assistant Dean Academics, HoDs, HoCs, HoSs, staff-members and guests. Dr. Said did the honour of presenting memento to the chief guest. Then, Dr. Sultan felicitated Dr. Said and Mr. Younus by presenting mementos to them.

The second segment of this cultural show floored the Omani Traditional Dance first which was performed by very stylishly dressed Omani staff-members. All the enthusiastic and talented participants received a token of appreciation.

The second contest was Melodist where around ten staff-members performed lilting songs and enthralled the audience. Here, Mr. James Pecana [ELC] was declared the first winner, Mr. Brian Chacko [IT] came second and Dr. Carlos [Eng’g] got the third prize. Rest of the participants were encouraged with appreciation prizes. The segment was hosted by Dr. Ansarul Haque.

Anchored by Ms. Amal Ashour [ELC] and Mr. Mohammed Abed [BSD] was the next programme, Fashionista which was held in two parts: Folk and Classic rounds. Both the rounds presented the staff-members arraying and flaunting their costumes looking chic and classy. The Folk and Classic rounds of ramp walk by awe-strikingly donned college staff-members took the audience by pleasant surprise. The three respective winners of the show were: first, Mr. Ali Al-Ghafri [Student Affairs]; second, Mr. Mohammed Faisal [BSD]; and the third, Mr. Abul Bayan Ahmed [ETC]. All the other fifteen participants were complimented with a token of appreciation for their zealous effort.

Between Fashionista Folk and Classic rounds, the Indian School [Ibri] students Tvisha, Niranjana and Anusha performed [group] Peacock Dance while Arna presented a fascinating solo dance on songs from Hindi movies. Their dance thoroughly enraptured the audience. These four little angels were commended with a special prize for their lovely show. The following segment, Ibri CT’s Got Talent was presented by Ms. Alla Boyko [ELC] and Mr. Khalid Al-Gharibi [ELC]. In this competition, the participants were given 4 to 5 minutes to exhibit their extraordinary skills. Ibri CT’s Got Talent no. 1 award went to the magician, Mr. Roderick Oandasan [ETC], no. 2 to the expert in Fine Arts, Ms. Heba Gul [ELC], and no. 3 was Dr. Antony Kishore who presented a magical game with numbers and playing cards. Mr. Sai Kishore [BSD] stood fourth with a token of appreciation for his beautiful number with the accompaniment of his guitar.

The last contest of Enfys 2016 Spell Bee, was hosted by Mr. Andries Oberholzer [ELC] where all the participants were asked to pronounce two words. In this competition, Mr. Sultan Al-Sawafi [ELC], Mr. Abul Bayan Ahmed [ETC] and Ms. Heba Gul [ELC] came forward to participate voluntarily. The awards for the first position went to Dr. G. Sridhar Reddy [Eng’g]; the second, to Mr. Othman Al-Moqbali [Student Affairs]; and the third, to Mr. Ivan Bacwaden [ETC]. It was an interestingly funny event where two Open Question winners from the audience were Dr. Aleksander Sawko [ELC] and Mr. Mahmoud Othman [ELC].

The honour of prize distribution was done by the respected chief guest, Sheikh Hamid Bin Saif Al-Nasri, the Dean, Dr. Said, the Assistant Dean Academics, Mr. Younus, Dr. Sultan [HoS ELC] and Ms. Sumaia [HoD Student Affairs]. The essence of this mega event was successfully achieved as all the staff-members, however being busy into academic and other responsibilities, stole their precious time to harmonize, participate and synchronize each segment to adorn their cultural day.

This mega event would not have come true without the continual support and guidance of the Dean, Dr. Said Al-Kashoob, the Assistant Dean Student Affairs, Ms. Nawal Al-Sawafia, Assistant Dean Academics, Mr. Younus Al-Zaabi, Dr. Sultan Al-Ghafri [HoS ELC], Ms. Sumaia Al-Jassasi [HoD Student Affairs] and Mr. Ali Al-Abri [Head HR]. Ibri College of Technology expresses heartiest thanks and regards to the chief guest of the event, Sheikh Hamid Bin Saif Al-Nasri.

The members of the Cultural Team-- Dr. Ansarul Haque [BSD], Mr. Ali Al-Ghafri [Student Affairs], Mr. Adil Al-Abri [Admin], Dr. Syeda Zubaida [BSD], Ms. Lizette Pascual [Eng’g], Ms. Manjula [BSD], Mr. Khalid Al-Gharibi [ELC], Mr. Roderick Oandasan [ETC], Mr. Brian Chacko [IT], Dr. G. Sridhar Reddy [Eng’g] and Dr. Amita [ELC]— were appreciated for their tireless effort and cooperation for accomplishing this event successfully. Special thanks was extended to the panel of judges— Ms. Mariette , Ms. Safiya, Mr. William, Dr. Raj T.; and to the anchors— Ms. Amal, Mr. Abed, Ms. Alla, Mr. Khalid, Mr. Andries for their energetic and commendable support.

The organising team appreciates Ms. Lizette for efficiently handling the sound system throughout the show. The Technical Support team— Ms. Buthaina [ETC], Ms. Hanan [ETC], Mr. Wiled [ETC] and Mr. Roderick [ETC] are duly thanked for their support. The help and support by the college Maintenance Team is highly praiseworthy. The Cultural Team deeply thanks Dr. Mastan Vali [HoD BS], Mr. Abdullah Al-Shukeily [HoC ETC], Mr. Nasser Al-Shammakhi [HoD Eng’g], Mr. Jamil Al-Manasrah [HoC ELC] and Mr. Safik Sheik [HoD IT] for their encouragement and support. Above all, the team pays special regard to Ms. Sumaia, Ms. Samia, Mr. Fahad, Dr. Syeda Zubaida and Mr. Qasim for their illustrious and appealing decoration.