IT Department’s QA Creativity Day
Information Technology
May 15, 2016
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The IT Department, through Staff Development Committee (SDC), conducted the QA Creativity Day on 26 April 2016 in LAB 2. The objectives of this event were to create awareness about QA and to increase the involvement of all staff in QA activities by fun learning events. The organizing committee, Staff Development committee, along with Staff Club, Examination & Registration, and Exam Moderation committees came up with excellent ideas of interactive learning that included quizzes, puzzles, dumb charades, and spinning wheel game.

The entire program was planned to disseminate QA related activities in the form of fun-filled games where the winning teams or individuals received chocolates as prizes. The session was filled with a lot of learning and enjoyment. After the presentations, Mr William Ancheta, Hos- IT, requested the other committees to conduct more awareness program in the forthcoming weeks. Mr. Safik Khan, HoD-IT, appreciated all the committees for their efforts in preparing the activities and concluded that these activities will not only promote QA awareness but also provides an opportunity for all IT staff to have fun together and bring energy to perform their day to day activities at work. QA Creative Day has been initiated by the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) in which different committees of the department will help create QA awareness through fun learning activities. There were a total of 30 members who actively participated in the program which ended at 12:30 pm.