Exploiting Mobile Applications to Enhance Learning English
English Language Center
Jan 19, 2017
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Technological developments dovetailed with mobile multimedia devices and applications have created huge opportunities for English as Foreign language (EFL). These handheld devices have catapulted individual and collaborative learning and offer excellent assistance to students to learn different aspects of English language anywhere and anytime. A large number of applications have already been widely used in EFL.

The English Language Center of IBRICT conducted a workshop on “Exploiting Mobile Applications to Enhance Learning English” on January 5, 2017 at 11.00 am in VIP room. Mr. Jabez Syam and Ms. Buduor Al-Hinai were the speakers who shared interesting information on the use of different mobile applications to enhance learning English. Ms. Amal Al –Abri invited Mr. Mohammed Amir to brief the audience about the workshop. Mr. Amir set the tone and tenor of the workshop and invited the speakers to share the dais to introduce novel strategies to make learning English an interesting activity among the student community of IBRICT/Oman.

Mr. Jabez Syam initiated the discussion by introducing the elite audience to the different apps used in mobiles and their role in teaching and learning English. He requested the audience to download and use Google Translate to check pronunciation. He invited his co-presenter Ms. Budour Al -Hinai to share the other fascinating points of the presentation. Ms. Budour started with introducing apps like Accuweather which could be used to encourage students to talk about weather of the day or week and also write a paragraph on the weather of the week.
She also talked about an app called Booking.com Hotels which can be exploited for enhancing reading and writing skills. An interesting app called Describeme, an app to talk about one’s personality, caught the attention of the teachers. Ms. Budour described it a useful tool to generate interest in the students to learn to use words in different contexts. Other apps like Snapchat, Gallery, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Map and many more found a mention in her presentation.

Mr. Younus Al Zaabi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs of IBRICT and Mr. Mohammed Al –Shammaki shared their perspectives on using mobiles in the classroom. Mr. Abdullah Balushi and Ms. Lubna were among others who shared their perspectives.