IT Student Induction Program
Information Technology
Jan 18, 2017
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Student Induction Program was conducted on 18/01/2017. The purpose of this program was to welcome New Intakes of Diploma Year – 1 and Semester – 2 students of Information Technology Department.

This Program was chaired by, Ms. Fatma AL-Shamali  Itech club coordinator ) .Two members from Itech club named :Aisha AL-Mamari and  Hasna AL-Ghasani  (Advance Diploma in Software Engineering ).They  gave information related to the different levels of courses, subjects, grades and credits. Information related to the different specializations in Advanced Diploma level, job opportunities and on the job training was also focused on.  Also, they encourage student to be part of student activity club as its good enhancement to their student life and their future work.

 Ms. Fatma AL-Shamli conclude the session by giving some important gridlines and advises that will help the students in their student life.

30 students attended the program. The program started at 12.00 pm in lab5A and ended at 2.00pm

This program was conducted by ( ITech Club  of the IT Department