Workshop on "Effective Communication”
Posted by: Mr.Brian Chacko
Information Technology
Jan 26, 2017
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It is not just technical skills, that we are qualified for, that we put to work through lectures or training in Ibri College of Technology (Ibrict). What matters is how important it is to hone skills that help us deliver such lectures or training or even manage a classroom effectively. The workshop conducted on 26th January 2017 in Ibrict organized by the Staff Development and Research Committee (SDC), Information Technology (IT) department was just a head-start required. The workshop gave us an insight about communication in an effective way by focussing on certain principles as explained by the key speaker, Mr. Andries Oberholzer of the English Language Centre (ELC), Ibrict.


The workshop commenced with a brief introduction about Mr. Andries by the SDC. Mr. Andries gave a brief discussion on the objectives of the workshop. He then emphasised on and explained key points that would help us progress in our communication. Some of them can be described as “focus on the starting point – a failed class and/or lesson:  what went wrong? We often fail in class not because we don’t know our subject, but because we do not transfer knowledge and experience effectively. How this situation can be changed in a positive way for the benefit of both the lecturer and the students? By maintaining an effective communication and classroom psychology. 


A few communication principles were outlined such as practical hints and tips on managing verbal and non-verbal communication processes, managing teaching content, some hints on pronunciation errors and how to improve in this area. The objective was to take proactive steps towards improving oneself, not just as a classroom teacher, but on a wider front as well. Mr. Andries also provided practical examples of what goes wrong and how to fix it by relating experiences he had while he delivered his courses.


The workshop was a very effective and was attended by faculty of other departments as well. The program ended by a vote of thanks to the speaker by the SDC committee. Mr. Andries was presented a certificate of appreciation for delivering this workshop by Mr. Jamil Ahmed Salim Manasrah (Head of Department, ELC).


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