Feb 2, 2017
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The very first Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Membership Orientation Program was held in Ibri College of Technology last January 31, 2017, 12:00 noon, at the Multi-Purpose Hall.  The program was attended by Electrical Power and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Students and Staff.

IEEE is an international organization reputed to be the world’s largest technical professional organization composed in majority of engineering professionals dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity with more than 420,000 members in over 160 countries including Oman.

IbriCT Engineering Department intends to organize its very own student branch chapter. Thereby, the program focused on introducing and promoting the organization to the students for membership recruitment.

Mr. Nasser Al-Shammakhi, Head of Engineering Department, spoke enthusiastically about the prestige that a person, whether he/she is a professional or still a student, can derive from being a member of such a prestigious organization. He also emphasized and convinced the students that for just a small amount of money for the annual membership fee, one could gain numerous benefits.

Dr. V. Ilankumaran, Head of Section for Electrical Power and Electronics Engineering, further elaborated the benefits and support that a member can get, such as: technical and research resources, technical journals and magazines subscriptions available, awards or recognitions for excellent work or performance in the organization, seminars and conferences representations, etc. He also presented that once the student branch chapter is organized, it is necessary to know the organizational positions or officers to be elected, the role of each officer elected, the function of the organization in the college, and expected activities like seminars and conferences that can be organized for the members of the organization.

Mr. Raghupathi Senthlvel also came up front to emphasize the significance of being an IEEE member in one’s resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and how impressive it is to prospective employers.

Dr. G. Kumaravel also spoke regarding projects, awards, support, financial aids, and the esteem one can get if one’s work is published in the IEEE Spectrum Magazine. He also spoke about getting patents for one’s excellent projects and how one uses this to start one’s own company.

Mr. Nasser Al-Shammakhi, Dr. V. Ilankumaran, and Mrs. Lizette Ivy Pascual explained the membership application process and requirements.