IT Students Visited OHI Telecommunication Company LLC
Information Technology
Jan 30, 2017
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IT department represented by industrial committee organized a trip to Telecommunication Company LLC for B.Tech students on Monday(30/01).The session was divided into two parts.


In the first part Mr.Pandurange from the server team welcomed the students and he gave them information about the objectives of the company. Then he numerated for them the companies that OHI has partnership with them. After that he explained in details about the one technology which is called the virtualization, he discussed about the meaning and the benefits for it. Then he mentioned the effective techniques that use in any IT service. Also he explained more about the following points: the type of knowledge that the software developers need once he/she want to develop any software and the successful keys for acquiring good in developing any software.


In the second session. He took the student to the data center. He explained for them the role of the center and he showed for them the types of servers they are using.



The visit start at 10:30a.m and finished at 1:15p.m.