Road Safety Awareness Program
Feb 23, 2017
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Road Safety Awareness Program 

The Health and Safety Committee of Engineering Department  organized  “Road Safety” awareness program on 15.02.17 from 11.15 am to 11.45 am in the Multipurpose Hall for  II Year Diploma students.  The speaker of the program was Dr. K. Elangovan (HoS / Mech & Coordinator for Health and Safety Committee) who explained the procedures and precautions need to be taken while driving  to avoid road traffic accidents (RTA).

Dr. K. Elangovan presented the annual statistical report on the increasing rate of road accidents in Oman. High speed and poor driving skills are considered as the main causes of road accidents in Oman. Every year, over 900 people are killed, of which 86% are males.

As passengers and drivers of cars make up 60% of the fatalities, addressing key risk factors such as seat-belt and child restraints are crucial to develop a culture of road safety across the country. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of speed control, wearing seatbelts and other relevant forces acting on vehicles with the help of PPT and videos.

It was a very effective and beneficial program.