The Preparation of Operational Plan Achievement Report (OPAR)
Posted by: Ms. Laly Antoney
Business Studies
Jun 13, 2016
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QA Team of business department conducted a workshop on the preparation of OPAR and with an active participation of departmental staff on June, 9, 2016 at 9.30 am in Room no. 0091A.

Mr. Sai Kishore, the coordinator of the departmental QA team, led the session with the innovative ways of finalizing the Operational Plan Achievement Report (OPAR) by involving all the committee coordinators, HoD and HoS in the session.  

He also elaborated the process of preparing Operation Plan for  the AY 2016-17 based on the ‘Results’ and ‘Improvements’ for the  AY 2015-16 (i.e., current year). All departmental committee coordinators actively participated in the preparation of OPAR.  Participants actively discussed about the results of their respective committee activities and suggested improvement actions.  During the workshop, few practical implementation problems faced by the coordinators were also brought to the notice of HoD and HoS for further action.

The workshop was concluded at 11.30 a.m .All participants applauded the efforts of Internal QA team to enhance an active quality culture in the department.  The session was cordially supported and facilitated by other members of QA team viz, Dr. Surrender Vaddeppalli  & Mr. Sandeep  Kale.