ELC Food Festival
Posted by: Lubna Zia
English Language Center
Jul 23, 2016
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The English Language Center (ELC) is the most vibrant and multicultural department at Ibri College of Technology. Its teachers come from all over the globe, from seventeen diverse nations. Celebrating culture via its cuisines is becoming increasingly popular.  Therefore, the ELC organizes a Food Festival every year.  The third edition of the Food Festival was held on June 2, 2016, in the VIP Hall. The festival was designed to showcase the wealth of flavors and cuisines from different continents.

This culinary event started with the smell of food and the sound of music. A flashback video of the past two festivals was played to recall the memories. Dr. Ibrahim Al Siyabi along with the ELC staff and staff members of some other departments graced the event with their presence.

The food was displayed according to continents including Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Asian food, with a large variety of East Asian, South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines from Oman, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Philippines and Iran spiced up the event. Africa with its diverse and exotic food from Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Ghana and South Africa told the history of the continent with its Native, Arabic and Western aromas. The Europe and North American corner had delicious food from Poland, Ukraine, Denmark, Canada and United States.  However, the most favored dishes among visitors were Mahshi from Egypt, Carrot Halwa from Pakistan, Malva Pudding from South Africa, Olive’s Salad from Ukrain, Tajin from Tunisia, Biryani Awal from Oman, Damaa Saloonah from Sudan, Medu Wada from India, Mansaf from Jordan and Gulaman from Philippines.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Siyabi the chief guest of the event said, “I would like to thank the ELC for organizing the Food Festival. This kind of stress-releasing atmosphere is very much encouraging for all. It was a fine blend of a socio-cultural platform where more than twenty nations were together with their national cuisines, costumes, music and hospitality. It is at such occasions we mix with all and learn about different cultures, people and their food. It was a really healthy atmosphere and I appreciate it. I heartily congratulate the ELC team which took responsibility to array their Food Festival so neatly”.

“The food festival was a fantastic culinary experience. With so many flavors from so many places, how could anyone with taste buds have been anything less than supremely pleased with the event?” said Michael from the United States. Archana from India added, “Various cuisine, costumes and culture clubbed into a universal language of fun. Enjoyed it!”. “The food fest event is a great opportunity to showcase our dishes in a lively manner” said Bell from the Philippines.

The organizing team thinks that arranging such an event is very important to draw on the diversity, creativity and multicultural nature of the department’s culinary offerings and satisfy the cravings of foodies, as they were able to ‘celebrate taste’ in the most exciting way.

The recipe for the success of the event was surely the way in which each and every staff member participated and brought fun through singing, showing cultural videos, sharing authentic recipes and appreciating one another’s cookeries.