Project Orientation Summer 2016
Jun 23, 2016
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Project Orientation Program for the students of electrical & Electronics was held On Sunday ((15/5/2016) at 9-11a.m in Multipurpose Hall (Engineering Building) by Dr. H.L. Suresh (H.O.S). Students pursuing a final semester of Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels attended the lecture. Dr. Suresh explained that for Diploma and Advanced Diploma level, maximum of four students can enroll for a project, students can enroll in a group. Then he discussed the assessment plan. A student has to maintain a log book which will reflect their plan of action and their daily activities. The distribution of marks for internal assessment and external evaluation was discussed. They were given guidelines on project report documentation and presentation. He mentioned that students of Electronics & Communication engineering may contact their Project Coordinator for further details. He advised the students to select their project carefully and insisted that their projects should be based on what they have studied in their curriculum and secondly, they should choose the projects in such a way that the components required, should be available. The program was highly beneficial for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma students.