Induction Program June 2016
Posted by: Abid Siddique
Jun 26, 2016
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The Induction Program for Engineering students of Diploma –I was held at Multi –Purpose (ENGINEERING BUILDING) on 6 June 2016 (Monday) between 12 to 1 P.M. The resource persons for the program were Dr .H. L. Suresh   (HOS-Electrical& Electronics), Dr. K.  Elangovan (HOS-Mechanical) and Ms. Geetha (Departmental Registrar). The program was arranged so that the students should be aware of College By-Laws and Advising, Registration process, Departmental Facilities and scope of each specializations. The welcome address was followed by the introduction of the Department Practices, Disciplinary Measures, Academic Requirements and Plagiarism which was highlighted during the presentation of Dr. H. L. Suresh and Dr. K. Elangovan.

Ms. Geetha told the students about the registration process, probation status and grade requirement for each specialization.