Oman Mathematics Day IV Celebrations Math∫∈ t ∈ s - 2018


     Oman Mathematics Day IV Celebrations

Math∫ t s-2018

Students Presentations  

   “The Role of Mathematics in IT/Engineering/Business”

Date of the Event:  20 November 2018                                 Venue: Lecture Theatre



The purpose of the competition is to give awareness to our students of the importance and application of Mathematics in different disciplines and to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts in Mathematics.


These presentations will enable our students to think critically, analyse a problem by applying the knowledge to develop themselves, to make them professionally competent and to improve their aptitude skills.


Rules and Regulations:

1.    All Foundation Programme and Post-Foundation Programme students can participate in the event.

2.    There will be group presentations by students.

3.    Each group consist of three students.

4.    Time for each presentation will be five minutes.

5.    Students can choose the role of Mathematics in any one of the disciplines IT/Engineering/Business.

6.    The presentation should include the importance and application of Mathematics in the chosen field.

7.     References of the material gathered should be included.

8.    Please send your presentations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

9.    The best ten presentations will be selected to present on contest day.

10.The winners will be based on the total marks.

11.Decisions of Board of Judges will be deemed final and irrevocable.

12.Participation certificates along with prizes will be given to the first and second position holders and certificates will be given to third position holders.


Evaluation Criteria:

Each presentation will be evaluated based on evaluation criteria by experts in the grade point range of 1 to 5.

Each presentation will be evaluated on the basis of:

·         Passion and connectivity with the audience

·         Concentration on the core message

·         tools used

·         content

·         design

·         Pictorial/graph representations 

·         Innovative critical work

·         references 


For further details please contact:

Mr Wasim Raja

Member Student Services Committee

Ms Fatma Said Al Shamli                          

Coordinator: Student Services Committee                           

Dr R Pugalarasu

HOS - Mathematics