5th ELTPD Workshop

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Strategies for Encouraging, Engaging, and Educating Students (SEEES-2)

Using different Strategies in a more innovative way augments a number of platforms where students can access English as a foreign language and shape their learning in microcosmic and macrocosmic settings. Encouraging students to engage enthusiastically, learn cooperatively, and work effectively. Engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level-critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful leaning experiences. Educating students to become lifelong learners is a no-easy task for teachers to make them face the fast and unexpected changes and challenges in their everyday lives and to serve their communities better in the future.

ELTPD Workshop Date :    Wednesday 17th April 2019
ELTPD Workshop Venue :    Ibri College of Technology (IBRICT), Ibri, Oman
ELTPD Workshop Chair :    Mr. Basim Al- Mushaifri (Head of English Language Centre)

Proposal Submission Start Date :    Monday 25th February 2019 1. Keynote, Plenary and featured speakers
Proposal Submission Deadline :    Monday 25th March 2019 2. Over 35 presentations of all types
Notification of Acceptance / Rejection :    Monday 1st April 2019 3. Over 150 participants and presenters
Participants Registration Start Date :    Thursday 14th March 2019 4. Opening ceremony on Wednesday 17th April 2019
Participants Registration Deadline :    Monday 1st April 2019 5. Refreshments and lunch for registered participants
Submissions 5th ELTPD Workshop Proceedings :    Wednesday 1st May 2019 6. ELTPD Workshop proceedings for presenters
On-site registration :    Wednesday 17th April 2019
08:00 am onwards at the 5th ELTPDW reception, IbriCT
7. Pre-workshops and Post-workshops


You are invited to present at the 5th ELTPD Workshop on Wednesday, the 17 th April 2019 at IBRICT, Ibri, Oman.


All proposals must be submitted online through filling Online Presenter Proposal form Presenter. Faxed, emailed, or mailed proposals will not be accepted. The submission deadline for proposals is Monday 25th March 2019. You may also submit a proposal for a Pre-workshops or Post-workshops. Each Pre-workshop and Post-workshop runs for a full day and includes refreshments and lunches. Preseters need not fill in the participant's registration form. They will be given a certificate of presentation and a certificate of participation as well.
To register for 5th ELTPD Workshop, please click Participant. Note that registration entitles you to attend all presentations and workshops.


When you join ELC community at IbriCT, Ibri, Oman, you will

  • experience what makes this event unique;
  • engage in discussions with practitioners, professionals, researchers, and leaders in language education and professionalism;
  • enrich your knowledge, networks, and professional experience; mentor on research and other projects;
  • review the latest professional publications and resources.


The ELTPDW brings together professionals from around the world working in diverse roles with English language learners of all ages and at all stages of language development. Therefore, an important factor in proposal selection is program balance. It will strive to balance the program by considering the following:

  • Range of topics within the ELT profession.
  • Relevance to 5th ELTPDW general theme and subthemes.
  • Number of presentations on the same subthemes.


  • ELTPDW does not receive the proposal on or before the deadline.
  • The proposal is not received electronically.
  • The presentation promotes commercial interests.


ELT PDW is a great opportunity for professionals, educators and scholars to share ideas on how best to prepare Omani learners for facing the challenges of today and future, as well. Also, it will advance the quality of English language teaching in Oman through professional development and advocacy leadership.


Professionalism demonstrated by excellence in standards, research, and practice that improve learning outcomes


Chairman ELT Professional Development Workshop (ELTPDW) was founded in 2015 to serve as a professional forum for English language teachers, practitioners, professionals, experts, scholars, and educators from around the world. It is an exciting, innovating, motivating, stimulating and rewarding annual event for ELT professionals in all sectors. The preliminary goal is to make relevant and fast changing context of ELT through providing teachers and students with outstanding opportunities for reflection; exploring innovative teaching and learning; sharing successful practices; encouraging engagement for all participants in ELT; and promoting learner autonomy. This theme draws attention to professionalism in the field of ELT via constant review of teachers’ best practices and develops their skills on the pathways to have more effective and pragmatic education for their students and themselves, as well.

Mr. Basim Al Mushaifri (Head of ELC)


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