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In-House IT & Math Competition

The IT Department is planning to conduct an “In-house IT & Math competition” starting 22nd October – 26 October, 2017. This aimed at training and developing student’s talents and skills in different areas in IT and Mathematics. Moreover, such event will help students prepare in any kinds of competitions which are organized by other academic institutions in and around the Sultanate.


  1. Competition will be for one (1) week from 22 October 2017 – 26 October 2017
  2. Each date will be for one contested event only.


Contest Day Time Venue
Math October 22 Time will be announced after registration Venue will be announced after registration
Database October 23
Programming October 24
Web Design/ Mobile App October 25
Networking October 26


  1. Registration will start on 9 October 2017 and will end 12 October 2017. 
  2. Student can register in all contested events (Programming, Networking, Database, Mobile App, Web Design)

Learning Resource

1. After online registration, student can access our college Moodle for martial through the following link :