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Business Hod2A business degree touches almost every aspect of the modern society, and the department of Business Studies at IBRICT reflects the principles and ethics of business. It is a unique platform which transforms the students into amateur entrepreneurs who aspire to gain a strong foothold in the world of business. The goals and objectives of the department, when transformed into practical applications, readily train students to meet the challenges of the business world across the globe.

We strongly believe that success rides on time. We provide learning experience that is intense, relevant and rewarding. We as a department, challenge and inspire students, and enable them to explore their potential for both personal and professional growth. Today, we continue to attract a great diversity of enthusiastic and confident students.

The department creates and promotes knowledge by identifying new trends and synergies through new research, consultancy and novel initiatives and makes them competent at national and international level. We train our students for a wide range of sectors. We provide students with rich exposure in the areas of marketing, advertising, finance, accounting, sales, business consultancy, human resources and many others. The plentitude and diversity of careers create opportunities to make them skilled professionals.

The department is well connected and well informed about the dynamics of the business world. The vigilant team of instructors designs customized courses, based on the demand. The expertise of the team chisels the student’s personality by helping them to hone different skills to sharpen their business acuity.

Learning for leadership lasts a lifetime and we reinforce the habit of lifelong learning. We make them understand the relationship between the communities, societies and the leaders and prepare them to take up challenging roles as leaders and contribute to society.

The department has a comprehensive data bank and library with possible relevant resources such as intervention tools, metrics, exercises, cases, syllabi, etc. based on wide range of sources. It plays an important role in providing students with resources and guidance, to work on student projects. The students and the instructors work in tandem to create an academic and social atmosphere which cultivates experiential learning for students.

We nurture a challenging environment to encourage students to do research in the broader domains of business and management to develop expertise and make their careers. We take pride in fostering greater industry-academia collaboration to enhance knowledge-creation and finding solutions to some of the challenging contexts in business. As educators let’s be innovative and strive hard and create opportunities for the student world.

We create knowledge, we create business.


Head of Business Studies Department

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