BSD holds “Stepping into Research: Some Basic Notions”

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The Department of Business Studies organized a research workshop entitled “Stepping into Research: Some Basic Notions” on May 11, 2017.

The said research workshop which was divided into two sessions was led and delivered by Dr. Muhammad Faisal Aziz and Mr. Asif Mahmood. The basic concepts in research were explained in the first session while the use of SPSS software to input and the code to do descriptive statistical analysis were discussed in the second session. Dr. Faizal presented the basic concepts of research in the area of business and behavioral science, aiming to improve the research environment in Ibri College of Technology.

The workshop kicked off from the basic techniques such as ways to write a review paper, concepts of descriptive research and types of descriptive research. The last part of the workshop carried out a practical training on SPSS to the faculty members. Data coding and several statistical tools were also explained to the audience.

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