Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution- An Overview

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A Research Oriented Programme was organized by the Research and Consultancy Committee of the Engineering Department on May 25, 2017. Mr. Mubarak Hamed Rashid Al-Ghafri from Majan Electricity Company was the resource person.

Mr. Mubarak Hamed Rashid Al-Ghafri delivered the talk on “Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.” He focused on the role played by the Majan Electricity Company in the distribution of electricity to various residential and industrial areas of the Al-Dhahira region of the Sultanate of Oman. He also briefly described the various plans; the company wants to implement in order to meet the increasing demand of electricity in the Al-Dhahira region. The speaker also discussed safety precautions taken by the company.

The programme was very informative and the audience were quite impressed as indicated by the number of questions, they asked the speaker both during and after the discussion. The programme concluded with Mr. Nasser Al-Shammakhi, the Head of the Engineering Department thanking the team from the Majan Electricity Company by presenting a memento and a certificate of appreciation.

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