OJT Orientation Program for Engineering Students

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In order to prepare IbriCT students for the job market and as future professionals, the students are sent to undergo On-the-Job (OJT) Training in the various companies all over Oman before graduation procedures will be initiated.

IbriCT Engineering Department conducted their On-the-Job Training (OJT) Orientation Program for Engineering Students on May 7, 2017, 10:00 am, at the Multi-Purpose Hall in the Engineering Building.

All Engineering Students in the Exit Level and those who have complied with their academic requirements under the various specializations: Electrical Power, Electronics & Telecommunication, and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, were required to attend the said program.

Mr. Mohammed Tahir emphasized the importance in documenting and recording their experiences while working for the company where they are assigned, and to learn as much knowledge and gain as much skills as they can. He also instructed each one of the requirements they each have to comply with in order for their OJT be credited to them and be eligible for graduation.

Each student is usually placed under a Supervisor from the company or department they are assigned in. The Supervisor will serve as a mentor, instructor, evaluator, and “boss” to the student. The College also assigns a College Assessor who will monitor and evaluate the student. The College Assessor may also visit the student at his/her workplace to observe and see how the student is faring in that work environment.

The OJT, generally, lasts for eight weeks (2 months); they have to complete the allotted number of work hours

. Upon completing the OJT, the student is expected to return to the College and report to his/her College Assessor and the OJT Coordinator. The student must prepare a presentation report of his work experiences and the knowledge and skills he/she has gained, as well as interviewed as to the depth of his/her appreciation for work and how it is to work with others in such an environment.

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