The Engineering Department held a series of Orientation Programs on how students can choose their preferred specialization course in Engineering from June 12 to June 15, 2017 in Room 1078 of the Main Building. The Orientation Programs were held in one of the two Physics 2 (PHYS 1211) Laboratory Classes per week, for each section; (there are eight (8) sections of PHYS 1211 this semester), to effectively reach more students that may proceed to Diploma Year 2 Specialization by next semester,( Semester 1, 2017-2018). By employing this strategy, 115 students were able to attend the Orientation Programs.

The Engineering Department assigned Dr. K. Elangovan, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Head of Section; Dr. V. Ilankumaran, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Head of Section; Dr. Geetha and Mr. Ragupathi, Registration Coordinators for Engineering Department, to conduct the orientation. The four speakers took two sections each.

It was the Ramadan month and the class schedules were shortened and in order not to adversely affect the time allotted for the laboratory class, the Orientation Program topics were condensed to up to 15-minute sessions.

The speakers discussed only the following most important points.

  • the different Engineering Specializations offered in each of the seven Colleges of Technology in Oman
  • the qualifications and requirements to get into certain specializations
  • the limitations on the number of slots or seats open in each specialization, in each College of Technology
  • how to apply for a specialization course in the AMS and Ministry System

The iTech club conducted an conducted an orientation of the specializations of the IT program on Wednesday 25/05/2017. The target audience was students moving to Diploma Year II in the next academic year. The objective of this program was to explain the IT different specializations offered by the Ibri College of Technology.

The orientation was chaired by Ms. Fatma Al-Shamali (iTech club coordinator) and Ms. Khazeena Al-Alwai (a student member of iTech club). The both gave brief information about the two available specialization offered starting from the next academic year, Software Engineering and Networking. In addition to explaining the structure of the specializations offered, Ms. Fatma and Ms. Khazeena highlighted few job prospects related the two specializations. They also presented some information relating to the official IT certifications related to both specializations.


The Information Technology Department conducted a specialization orientation program on March 12, 2017. This orientation is especially organized for the students moving to advanced diploma level for the second semester of the present academic year. The objective of this program is to give an idea on various IT specializations available in Colleges of Technology.