Academic Affairs

ETC Committees

ETC Committees

Risk Management

  • Take the lead in the implementation of the Risk Management Policy and Procedure of the College.
  • Conduct periodical meetings when necessary and as decided by the chairman and members of the team.
  • Set a risk management operational plan for different activities of the center and set necessary measures to follow-up and monitor implementation.
  • Maintain and monitor a risk register for the center with input from center staff and make an analysis of the different risk as necessary.
  • Create necessary awareness among center staff and students to deal with relevant risk.
  • Identify training needs of staff and arrange/coordinate for training programs related to risk management to the Risk management committee.
  • Submit semester report to HoC in relation to the progress of the RMT work, problems faced and suggestions to improve the process of risk management in the center.
  • Prepare regular progress reports including proposal for improvements and submit to the ETC HoD.

Quality Assurance

  • Follow the development and improvements of the Centers Operational Plan.
  • Conduct regular meeting as agreed by the committee to set plans, responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Plan and organize quality assurance awareness and training programs/activities.
  • Coordinate and manage the quality cycle self-assessment activities and ensure that quality standards are maintained.
  • Follow-up and schedule the review of the centers OP considering feedback from the stakeholders.
  • Follow-up and schedule the policies and procedures related to work of the different section considering the feedback from the stakeholders.
  • Follow and coordinate the preparation and review of feedback reports of different assessment groups and QAD of the ministry.
  • Prepare regular progress reports including proposal for improvements and submit to the ETC HoD Coordinate with Center Coordinator for reports and feedback gathered.

Policy Management

  • Meet the requirement of the centers OP to develop/improve a policy management system that accomplishes different centers activities.
  • Conduct meeting as required to plan, schedule task, assign roles for development, monitor, and review the policies, procedure and guidelines.
  • Identify and prioritize unavailable/ available policies / guidelines of its area of concern.
  • Assign member for the development/review of each policy. Coordinate with the survey committee for review process.
  • Circulate drafted/ reviewed policies, procedure and guidelines to ETC staff to collect feedback.
  • Follow iterative process in drafting/amending of developed/reviews policies, procedure, guidelines until no further comments from members and staff is received.
  • Forward last drafted/reviewed version to ETC HoC for approval then to the QAFC for final review before going to College council.
  • Send approved policies, procedure and guidelines to ETC QA then QAFC for archiving, publishing and dissemination.
  • Monitor the implementation of the approved policies, procedure and guidelines and collect feedback from stakeholders.
  • Submit report to ETC HoC about the working progress and any problem encountered.

Staff Development

  • Conduct meeting as necessary to organize and assign roles.
  • Study the area of development for each staff members thru staff appraisal.
  • Identify and analyze staff capacities to cover some needs thru in house training.
  • Creatively plan and support learning opportunities.
  • Link development plan to a performance plan for each staff.
  • Put in priority the area of development according to the department needs.
  • Allocate a training program for each staff as needed.
  • Arrange with different organization to get training opportunities.
  • Coordinate, facilitate and conduct training for staff according to the needs and availability of resources.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the conducted training programs through feedback.

Learning Resources

  • Develop a strategic plan for effective use of LRC.
  • Develop a marketing plan to motivate students and staff to use the resources of Library.
  • Regulate the use of the A\V Room resources to serve the educational interest and raise cultural awareness among students.
  • Consider the suggestions and views of users to be implemented as resources available.
  • Provide monthly reports, about the use and development of LRC.


  • Put in place policies and procedures for EPT/ OJT.
  • Accept or reject training requests.
  • Setup a student EPT / OJT programs of schedule.
  • Setup training programs for OJT / EPT.
  • Follow-up the conduct of training programs.
  • Issue the training certificate.
  • Each section representative will assign the training tasks to each staff members.
  • Produce a report about all OJT/EPT programs conducted at the end of each semester.

Health and Safety

  • Setup a master H&S plan for the Center base on the H&S needs analysis by the center staff and area.
  • Ensure that facilities, equipment and systems are maintained, in working condition and are safe and without risk to the health and safety of the students, staff, visitors and community at large.
  • Provide and publish guidelines for student and staff responsible for the labs, workshop and stores.
  • Arrange training for staff responsible for the labs, workshop, and store so as to be qualified in maintaining them, training student, and in providing first aid in case of an accident.
  • Provide necessary information and appropriate instructions and arrange for appropriate training to all staff/student on matter related to health and safety.
  • Report to the ETC HoC when necessary and produce semester and annual report on H&S in the center including recommendation and improvement and necessary changes.

Staff Induction

  • Develop and update ETC Staff induction Handbook.
  • Induct newly hired staff.
  • Give the newly hired staff a tour around the college.
  • Make introductions to people in other departments.
  • Explain the mechanics of the job and offer informal observation or job shadowing opportunities.
  • Provide guidance to the newly hired staff, identify the needs, and make effective use of, learning opportunities.
  • Answer questions and help resolve any problems/issues.
  • Coordinate with QA Committee for QA induction.
  • Develop semester reports of staff inducted.

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