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It Hod2Warm greetings!

To the students who are at the beginning of an academic journey towards the goal of a rewardingly prosperous career.

The Information Technology Department of Ibri CT has been a key factor in promoting the technical education and research, right from its inception. The goal of the department is to produce highly motivated and quality IT professionals.

The department strives hard to meet its goals and targets, with a mission "to achieve and sustain excellence not only in teaching methodologies but also to produce students who are readily employable, to help the students in improving their hard and soft skills, build the right attitude of the students, thereby contributing effectively to the growth of the Sultanate".

We are dedicated to a continuous process of quality surveillance to enable us in upgrading our academic performance and managerial practices through infrastructural and technological facilities.

This commitment, we believe, will enable us to provide updated knowledge-inputs and practical support to our students in order to build up their confidence levels. The commitment and the dedication of our faculty will help the students in becoming budding enthusiastic and ethical IT professionals.

I am happy that you are joining our College for pursuing the course of study of your choice and I am sure that it will be an experience to be cherished throughout your lives.

Head of Information Technology Department

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