Academic Affairs

IT Committees

IT Department Committees

Risk Management

  • Takes the lead in the implementation of the Risk Management Policy and Procedure of the college;
  • Conducts periodical meetings when necessary and as decided by the chairman and members of the committee;
  • Sets a risk management operational plan for different activities of the college and sets necessary measures to follow-up and monitor its implementation;
  • Intervenes promptly and immediately in case of internal or external emergency risks. Also, sets and implements emergency plans to deal with such risks to limit their effects;
  • Maintains and monitors a Risk Register for the college with input from sub-committees of different departments/centers and make an analysis of the different risks as necessary;
  • Creates necessary awareness among students and staff to deal with relevant risks.
  • Identifies training needs of staff and arrange/coordinate for training programs related to risk management;
  • Reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of the Risk Management Policy, different procedures and processes related to risk management; and
  • Submits semester reports to the Dean in relation to the progress of the RMC work, problems faced and suggestions to improve the process of risk management in the College. 


  • Benchmarking is a means of comparing the Department’s performance or standards, or both, with those of its peers. It is a means by which the Department can monitor its relative performance, identify gaps, seek fresh approaches to bring about improvements, set goals, establish priorities for change and resource allocation, and follow through with change processes based on empirical evidence.
  • It can be about broad issues or specific matters affecting only one area; it can be strategic (addressing priority issues) or cyclical (addressing a number of areas on a regular basis) or ad hoc (taking advantage of an opportunity).
  • Benchmarking projects can be as simple as doing a desktop survey of relevant websites or may involve a formal request for information and/or an agreement with another institution. Whatever its scope or subject matter, benchmarking is an important element of the Department's quality assurance cycle.

Event Management

  • Allocating the venues and relating resources for any event conducted in the department.
  • Arranging the social gatherings and national celebrations To make the staff to participate in the different social events conduct in the department and in the college level.
  • Participate in other event conducted by other committees.
  • Ensure that all staff have updated the Event management form in IT Drive.
  • Conduct periodical meeting and Minute the Meeting
  • Performs other duties assigned by Hos/HoD.

Health and Safety

  • Provide a healthy and safe environment for students, staffs and visitors and one which meets all oman’s legal requirements for safety.
  • Ensure that facilities such as First Aid Kit, smoke detector, fire-fighting equipment’s are maintained properly in working condition, and are safe and without risk to the health and safety of students, staffs, visitors, and the community at large.
  • Ensure that fire alarms/smoke detector and fire-fighting equipment’s in the Department and in all labs are maintained regularly and tested and evaluated by authorized external health and safety authorities.
  • Ensure that the Department complies with national and international health and safety standards and is regularly reviewed for effectiveness.
  • Provide and publish safety guidelines for students and staffs responsible for the labs and workshops. Ensure that the health and safety policies & procedures in the Quality Sub–Manual (laboratories and workshops) are understood and followed/adhered by all.
  • Monitor the implementation of the health and safety policies and procedures in the labs, workshops, and stores. To promote health and safety consciousness among staff and students.
  • Provide necessary information and appropriate instructions and arrange for appropriate trainings to all staffs/students on matters related to health and safety.
  • Organize first aid training sessions in the Department.
  • Inform HoD promptly about any events/risks/threats related to Health & Safety in the department or in the college premises.
  • Ensure that policies and procedures relating to health and safety are readily accessible and effectively communicated to stakeholders.

On-the-Job Training

  • Provides student with appropriate On-the-Job (OJT) training;
  • Collaborates with industry for providing training opportunities;
  • OJT Coordinator will assist HoD of OJT in preparing and finalizing OJT plan in each semester.
  • OJT Coordinator will assign assessors to each trainee with approval of departmental HoD.
  • Take follow up to all assessors regarding their visits and guidance to their respective trainees.
  • Assist and coordinate with assessors to conduct final presentations of trainees and their evaluation.
  • College Assessors will pay visits to trainees for their guidance, follow up, motivation and evaluation process.
  • Meet trainee’s supervisor to assess trainee’s performance and learning efforts and also to discuss about any problem that trainee is facing in that company.
  • Assists OJT Coordinator/OJT department to find the suitable places for OJT;

Industrial Link

  • Identify and establish relationship with Industries.
  • Identify and establish membership with professional bodies.
  • Identify various job vacancies and assist the students to get their job.
  • Make proposal for student’s visit to industry or arrange guest lectures and workshop.
  • Arrange for industrialist guest talk and industry visits. Conduct surveys to gather IT skill requirements.
  • Conduct market needs analysis with industry and our curriculum Coordinate with program review committee to give the industry feedback on curriculum to meet the market needs.
  • Handle any other tasks assigned by HoS/HoD.

Learning Resources

  • Ensures that all the learning resources of the Department are in full working conditions and reports the problems to the concerned authorities;
  • Ensures for an adequate and timely supply of teaching aids and stationeries;
  • Ensures that all the equipments/tools/components in the Hardware , Network lab, lab 1,2,3,4 5A and lab 5B are in good conditions;
  • Moodle access to all staff and student of the department.
  • Records and maintains an updated stock details of Hardware and Network labs and provides the Department / College of such report when needed; and
  • Verifies / checks the Department Projection Plan in consultation with the HoD and HoSs.

Staff Development

  • Conduct meetings and discuss objectives, plans and duties for the purpose of staff development objectives.
  • Conduct requirements gathering to identify the skill available within the department to conduct workshop/training for staff.
  • Conduct requirements gathering to identify the need of training required by the staff.
  • Map the projected list of training programs according to the requirements of the department based on strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ensure consistency of the documents, policies and procedures for the Staff Development Committee.
  • Focus on staff development based on research objectives Participate in Planning, drafting of conference, seminars and workshops.
  • Participate in the delegated roles to ensure smooth conduct of guest lectures, workshops, seminars and other training events.
  • Identify subject experts to conduct guest lecturers, workshops, seminars and other training events.

Quality Assurance

  • Ensures the compliance of QA directions in all the Department activities;
  • Conducts QA awareness programs/trainings to all staff;
  • Conducts student’s feedback on teaching as per instruction from the College;
  • Consolidates all Committee Plans of Activities of the Department;
  • Takes feedback on all activities of the Department;
  • Monitors the implementation of activities of all the Committees;
  • Prepares the performance achievement of every Committee; Collects, monitors and checks all Course files at the end of each semester in compliance with College format;
  • Updates QA sub-Manuals, Staff and Student’s Handbooks periodically;
  • Prepares the Operational Plan and Activity Plans for the Department;
  • Prepares the Department’s Annual Report at the end of the Academic Year; and
  • Performs other duties assigned by HoD. 

Program Review

  • Coordinate with IT Specialization committee through HOS & HOD regarding course materials, feedbacks, delivery plans and other course related concerns.
  • Ensure Course Delivery Plan with Delivery Schedule, Assessment Method, Learning Outcome Mapping, Graduate Attribute Mapping and Library Reference Inclusion.
  • Ensure compliance of Delivery Plan through course progression by respective course coordinators and moderators.
  • Ensure non-compliance of plagiarism in teaching materials (like presentation slides), Assignment problems and Exercises in respective courses. Collect CDRF (Curriculum Development and Review Framework) of all courses, consolidate, review and submit reports/results to IT Specialization Committee through HOS & HOD.
  • Conduct feedback on curriculum in coordination with Industry link committee from experts (Academicians and Industry experts) and send recommendations to specialization Committee through HOS & HOD.
  • Ensure availability of teaching and learning resources in coordination with learning resource committee.
  • Ensure availability of required library books and other references for respective courses.
  • Perform any other course related work assigned by HOS & HoD.

Newsletter and Magazine

  • Makes all plans, regulations and policies available through different communication channels;
  • Publishes IT Magazine;
  • Prepares notices, news articles and student displays for notice boards, TV and website;
  • Reviews the college website and arranges for timely updates.
  • Prepares/requests for Invitations/Posters/Certificates for department activities (in coordination other committees involved); and
  • Performs any other tasks assigned by HoD


  • Schedules of Department level exams and question paper preparation;
  • Publishes the Exam Timetable in the notice boards/Media/Website;
  • Preparing arrangements for practical exams (mid-term/ final/ continuous assessment).
  • Creating user id, creating or deleting folders.
  • Prepares invigilator’s list and circulate to staff members;
  • Collects and keeps the questions safely;
  • Oversees the smooth conduct of exam and proctoring duties; and
  • Acts on malpractices, emergencies during the exam and reports to HoD or Chief Invigilator.


  • According to the projection, Finalize the resource allotment in coordination with Registration Department in consultation with HoD and HoSs;
  • Identify the staff requirement based on the projection and report to HoSs and HoD for necessary action.
  • Prepares the Department Plan, semester timetable and enter all these information in the College Management System;
  • Follow the advising and registration schedules given by the Head of Registration Department;
  • Solve the Timetable and Registration issues;
  • Prepares Semestral Resource Utilization Report ;
  • Guide the students to choose their specialization and respond to the students online requests;
  • Sorts out students’ list who are under probation, OJT, and graduates;
  • Provides required information to the Department Management and College Administration when necessary.