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The information Technology Department was happy to receive four of the newly recruited staff for the AY 2017-18 at the beginning of the semester. The Quality Assurance Committee along with the Department Council organized the new staff induction program on 28th September 2017 at 08:00 A.M in Lab 2.

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The Information Technology Department has conducted its Student Project Orientation and Proposal Drafting Program held last 15 June, 2017 at 9AM to 11AM in the VIP Room. Students who will be registering Course Project for Semester 1, 2017-2018 had attended the said session.

The objectives of the orientation were to create awareness about the new college policy on Student Projects and to prepare the students in writing their proposals for the forthcoming semester.

In the said session, the newly approved college policy, the complete Course Project process flow, and the different types of projects supported by the IT Department were presented. IT supports 3 types of projects, namely, TRC-aligned projects, Company-based projects and Collaborative projects.

Furthermore, students were informed about the criteria for acceptance to TRC-Faculty-mentored Undergraduate Research Award Programme (FURAP). It was given highlighted that projects should be relevant to Oman’s Socioeconomic Development, with emphasis on the intellectual merits or creative concept of the project and the quality of proposal submitted. Once accepted by the FURAP committee, the students’ research team will receive financial support until the completion of the project.

The students were also introduced to the project opportunities created by the IT department in collaboration with Ibri Regional Hospital and Al Araqi Travels. In addition, the department is also encouraging students to engage in collaborative projects, where they can work with students from other specializations as well as with students doing course projects from the other academic departments in the college.

Additionally, plagiarism, attendance, and warning letters were discussed, along with the semester-wise awarding of Best Projects for Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor levels, as IT Department’s efforts to motivate the students to improve the quality of their project ideas.

Khuzaina Said Ali AL-Alawi, an IT student and member of the Student Council, also shared some motivating words to encourage the students to explore collaborative projects with Business and Engineering students.

After the presentation, the students were asked to register themselves in the common Course Project moodle page, where they can keep track of activities, important announcements and due dates.

The session ended with a reminder to the students to complete the Research Team formation and Proposal submission before the end of this semester. The orientation was conducted by Ms. Roselle, IT Department’s Course Project Coordinator, with the support of Ms. Fatma Al Shmali and Ms. Samia Al Yaqoobi for the iTech Club. Mr. William Ancheta, IT-HoS, attended the entire session to show support to the students. There were 22 participants from Diploma, Advanced Diploma (Internet & E-Security and Software Engineering), and Bachelor-Software Engineering students.

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The iTech club conducted an conducted an orientation of the specializations of the IT program on Wednesday 25/05/2017. The target audience was students moving to Diploma Year II in the next academic year. The objective of this program was to explain the IT different specializations offered by the Ibri College of Technology.

The orientation was chaired by Ms. Fatma Al-Shamali (iTech club coordinator) and Ms. Khazeena Al-Alwai (a student member of iTech club). The both gave brief information about the two available specialization offered starting from the next academic year, Software Engineering and Networking. In addition to explaining the structure of the specializations offered, Ms. Fatma and Ms. Khazeena highlighted few job prospects related the two specializations. They also presented some information relating to the official IT certifications related to both specializations.

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Staff Development Committee of IT department has organized a Seminar on “Virtual Reality – An Introduction and Awareness in the Sultanate of Oman” on 18th May 2017 at 10:00 am in VIP Hall. The objective of the programme was to create an awareness about virtual reality and its applications in different fields.

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Recently, Cisco Networking Academy announced the NetRiders 2017 competition through the Higher College of Technology – a local Cisco Networking Academy in Oman. Ibri College of Technology (IbriCT) was chosen to be the center for conducting the NetRiders 2017 competition for Al-Dhahirah Governorate. This is the second time that IbriCT runs the NetRiders competition.

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The Department’s Staff Development Committee had planned for a workshop series on “Introduction to LaTeX”. The last part of the workshop was organized on 11th May 2017 at 10:00 am in Lab-1 which was lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The objectives of the programme were to:

  •  Session Recap
  • Making Presentations
  • Creating Images with tikz
  •  Todo notes
  • LaTeX Collaborating
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Orientation Program was conducted on Wednesday, 10th May 2017. The purpose of this program was to welcome a new intake of Information Technology Diploma Year I students. This Program was chaired by Ms. Fatma AL-Shamali iTech club coordinator and Khazeena AL-Alawi a student member of the iTech club. They provided information related to the different levels of courses, grades and credits. They also gave information related to the different specializations in Advanced Diploma level, IT job prospects and on the job training. During their talk, they encouraged students to be part of iTech club considering the importance of the extra-circular activities in enhancing students’ lives improving students’ skills.

Ms. Fatma AL-Shamli conclude the session by giving some important gridlines and advises that will help the students in their student life. The program, which was organized by the iTech Club, was attended by 16 students. It started at 10.00 am in lab4 and ended at 12.00pm.

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From IBRICT, a team of 13 students from IT Department have participated in REVERA-2017, an Intercollegiate/School IT competitions held at WALJAT College of Applied Sciences on 9th May, 2017 in Muscat. Students from NCT, IBRICT, ICT, ACT, HCT, Waljat College of Applied Sciences and Caledonian College of Engineering have participated in the competitions for college level events and students from various Indian Schools in Sultanate of Oman likewise have participated in the competitions for school level events. The events include Project Demonstration, Web Development, Digital Poster Making, Android Application Development, & Technical Quiz.

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Ibri College of Technology has commenced a Series of Workshops in SCL on May 4, 2017 at the Multipurpose Hall. The aim of these workshops is to give more practical ideas on delivering lessons using the Student-Centered Learning approach.

Duhai Alshekaili, a lecturer at the IT Department, was the first presenter for this 8-parts series. He demonstrated his proposed SCL model entitled “SCL Toolkit for Applied Courses” which can be adopted by many courses taught not only in the IT department, but also in Business and Engineering departments as well as for some ELC courses.

Duhai’s presentation was composed of two parts. The first part was a demonstration of the toolkit and the assessment which used to measure the course’s SCL-compliance.

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The IT Department envisioned the implementation of Student-Centered Learning (SCL) in a more systematic manner. The Department Council constituted a pilot team to make the students and all teaching staff as well, understand the SCL concept. The pilot team was composed of Dr. E. Anupriya, Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili, Mr. Shaik Mastan Vali and Ms. Roselle Solitario. The team, through the Program Review Committee, came up with four models of implementing the SCL, based on four class of courses like: Application, Programming, Skill and Knowledge. The team developed various models based on the above class of courses like CASE Study Model, Prototype Driven Model, Master Mind Model and Skills Model.

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