IBRICT bags awards in “iTex 2017”

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Students from Information Technology Department and Engineering Department of Ibri College of Technology participated in iTex 2017 during the IT Department Open Day on April 30, 2017 held at Nizwa College of Technology.

Sara Said Al-Shukaili and Ikhlas Hamood Al Shuhumi won the third prize in the web designing competition. Sultan Saif Al Ghafri, on the other hand, won the second prize in photography contest. He also received a trophy for winning the people’s choice award for best in photography through Instagram.

Other students who participated in student project, math skills, and pc assembly were Zuwaina Hamed Al Sumri, Khazeena Said Al Alawi, Duha Obaid Saif Al-Farsi, Buthina Mohammed Al-Rubaie, Aysha Salim Al Kalbani and Mohammed Zahir Al Lamki. The participants were supervised by Mr. Saravanan.


The said event is an intercollegiate competition participated by students from Nizwa College of Technology, Ibri College of Technology, Ibra College of Technology, Al Mussana College of Technology, Higher College of Technology, Nizwa University, Waljat College of Applied Sciences and Ibri College of Applied Sciences. ”iTex 2017” is categorized into various competitions such as programming, web design, graphics design, photography, robotics, student project, network configuration & troubleshooting, PC assembly & troubleshooting and  Math skills. 

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