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Quality Assurance Unit



The Quality Management System (QMS) in Ibri College of Technology(IbriCT) has been established according to the ministerial decision to assure the compliance of the qualifications awarded by the colleges with the set standards. The Quality Management process ensures that all the activities at IbriCT are planned, implemented and assessed effectively and efficiently to meet the standards set by Oman Academic Accreditation Authority(OAAA). Further, it ensures the continuous improvement in all activities of the college. QMS directs the college in developing Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategic Plan and in achieving them. It guides the college in developing, reviewing, implementing the Policies and Procedures and assessing their effectiveness.

The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) has been established by the Dean of the College according to the Article 94 & 95 of Bylaws. The main objective of the QAU is to enhance quality culture at Ibri College of Technology. The unit comprises Chairman, Head and Quality Officers.

Head of Quality Asssurance Unit

Qa HeadQuality Assurance is a key area in higher education institutions. It is mainly meant to assure the fitness of an institution for its purpose. IbriCT’s Vision & Mission statements describe the purpose of the college. The Quality Management System (QMS) of IbriCT ensures that the college is fit for its stated purpose of providing high quality education to the students, which will result in the skills and knowledge needed in the job market. This is achieved keeping in mind the national standards set by Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA).

The Quality Management System (QMS) of IbriCT promotes a quality culture within the college starting from the various college activities to the level of strategic decision making. As quality is the responsibility of every one, the QMS tries to spread quality culture among students, staff and the college authorities. By doing this, the QMS ensures that quality is a continuous process. Quality Assurance is evaluated through various methods like Self-evaluation, Peer review, Benchmarking, Analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Surveys etc. QMS at IbriCT uses all these methods to ensure the quality in the college.


Head of Quality Assurance Unit