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The Information Technology Department conducted its 1st Interdepartmental Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Competition on 25 June 2019 at 12noon in the Hardware Lab. Eighteen students registered online and 15 joined the competition.

The objectives of the competition were to provide avenues for students to improve their technical skills in troubleshooting, to establish a life-long learning through acquisition and application of technological knowledge and to enhance their participation and partnership relations within and beyond the Colleges of Technology. 

The competition started with the welcome address from Dr Duhai Al Shukeili, HoD and an inspirational message delivered by Mr Abdullah Al Shukaili, head of the Education Technology Centre. After the opening part, Mr Wilson (member of the organising team), read the mechanics of the competition and introduced the members of assessors. The closing ceremony was attended by members of the Administrative staff headed by our college dean, Dr Hamdan Al Manthari and the assistant dean for administrative and financial affairs, Mr Rashid Al Hinai. The dean awarded prizes for the winners as follows:

  1. First Prize:  Ahmed Marhoon Al Yaqoobi (76J17153)
  2. Second Prize:  Khalid Saleh Al Jabri (76S16510)
  3. Third Prize:  Ali Salim Al Shouhumi (71S1751)

The assessors were the following:  Dr Qais, Ms Nasim, Mr Ferdinand and Mr Eugene, while the organizing team was composed of Dr Duhai, HoD, Mr William, HoS-IT, Mr Wilson Alexander  and Mr Isabelo Paat.

After the competition, refreshments were served, and survey feedback was distributed to students. As a result, most of the students agreed that the contest has improved their technical skills in troubleshooting (4.1 mean score), that the contest helped them to establish life-long learning through acquisition and application of technological knowledge (4.1 mean score), and the contest has enhanced their participation and partnership within the Information Technology Department and the college (4.0 mean score). 


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IT students of Ibri College of Technology participated in Student National Symposium IR 4.0 that is conducted in Higher College of Technology-Musact in Tuesday 18/06 under patronage of Dr Muna Salim Al Jardani, Undersecretary of Manpower Ministry for Technical Education and Vocational Training.

The students Salim Al Badi &  Almuayad AL-Maqbali gave workshop about network security as they explained about their  project which is titled” Light Box Virtual Pen-testing lab”. They mentioned in details the idea of their project and the objectives of it, which are: enable the security specialist to how find the vulnerabilities in the web by using legal ways and how to enhance ethical hacking skills. After that, the speakers discussed about the common bugs that may affect web application based on website. Furthermore, they highlighted in the practical part about how to detect the weakness by using his web site. In addition, they spoke about the tools that they used to build his project which are raspberry pi 3, Ethernet cable and Modem, and Power supply.

 The students Hajar Al Shukili & Eman Al Shukri gave workshop about Internet of Things  as they explained about their  project which is titled” An electronic Garden Irrigation System”. They mentioned in details the idea of their  project and the objectives of it, which are: create access control system which prohibit the unauthorized  users from getting access to the garden and  the encrypted card can be used to getting access to the system, the system depends on the sensors to be worked and this system can notify the farmer if anything is happening  by using GPRS module or also called SMS model and the system can send alarm by making a sound to notify the farmer and predict for any dangerous event.


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Research Committee of IT department organized a Third IBRICT IT Seminar on Wednesday 01/05/2019 at 12:00 p.m. in Lab 1 (A109) of the Department of Information Technology. The proposals were invited from all the faculty members and three proposals were finally accepted for the presentations.

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Information Technology students of Ibri College of Technology participated in in AOU-Oman 2nd International Student Research Conference ‘Inspiring Young Researchers’ at Majan Continental Hotel, on 24 April 2019.

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The information Technology Department of Ibri College of Technology participated in the CAS Annual Symposium, entitled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution Symposium (FIR2019): Applications and Practices in Applied and Social Sciences”, at Ibri College of Applied Sciences, on 15 to 16 April 2019 under the patronage of Dr Khalid Al Saidi, Secretary General of the State Council.

The symposium included about ten sessions for different fields, which are Education, Information Technology, Business Administration, Engineering, and Biotechnology. Dr Duhai Al Shukaili, (HoD, Information Technology) was one of a session chairs and he discussed his paper titled “Introduction to Probabilistic Soft Logic with a Vision of Using it on the Internet of Things Application”. Nasim Al Balushi (Lecturer, Information Technology) presented her paper about designing a smart surveillance system in Classrooms Based on IoT, entitled “Design Smart Surveillance System in Classrooms Based on IoT”.


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The Research and Consultancy Committee of the Information Technology Department, with collaboration with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit, organised a seminar on “Writing a Research Paper.” by Nasim Al Balushi, IT lecturer, on 12 March 2019 from 12:00 to 13:00 in Lab A112 for the students. At the start, the speaker explained the importance of doing a research paper and how the students can translate their ideas and projects into academic paper.

Then, she discussed in detail the structure for the research paper by showing a sample of a research paper. She mentioned the points that researcher/writer must follow once they want to do research paper.


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The Department of Information Technology, through the iTech Club committee, successfully conducted the Fourth iTech Marathon Competition on 14 March 2019, under the theme “Industrial Revolution – IV”. The main aim of the event is to enhance the knowledge of Information Technology as well as Math skills amongst the students and to encourage the students to participate in technical competitions.

The registration for the events started at 8.30am and various colleges and university students actively participated in all the events. The inauguration ceremony was in the lecture theatre and was compered by the students Ms Miyaad Al Farsi and Ms Usra Al Hinai. The event commenced with the Holy Quran recitation at 9.30am, followed by a welcome message by Dr Duhai Al-Shukaili, HoD – IT Department, Ibri College of Technology. He briefed about the objectives and goals of the event and the theme of the Marathon. Later, the keynote speaker, Ms Asila Saif Al Zeidi, Research Specialist for Information and Communications Technologies Sector (The Research Council), spoke about the Industrial Revolutions (I, II, and III), their gaps and developments in general. She briefed about Industrial Revolution – IV, which includes areas such as Smart City, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and others, emphasising their impact on the society. The inauguration ended after announcing the general rules and guidelines, for all the competitions to the participants.

The competitions began at 10.30am in various areas such as programming, project demonstration, network design, database and Math presentations, which are conducted in parallel at various venues such as the Multipurpose Hall, VIP Room, Lecture Theatre, Hardware Laboratory, Network Laboratory and Computer Laboratories based on the Marathon theme. All the Technical colleges in Oman, Ibri College of Applied Sciences, as well as Suhar University, actively registered and participated in these competitions. 

The alumni were involved in these competitions as judges based on their specialisations, to encourage and motivate the student towards a lifelong learning process. The competitions concluded at 1.45pm. 

The valedictory session began at around 2.45pm. Dr Hamdan Mohammed Ali Al Manthari, college dean, addressed the gathering and thanked all the participants for their involvement in the events conducted. He also appreciated the staff and students of the Information Technology Department for successfully conducting the event on a grand scale. Dr Duhai Al Shukaili thanked all the staff and students for their cooperation and support in making the event successful. Later, Dr Hamdan Mohammed Ali Al Manthari distributed certificates to all the winners and participants. The alumni received certificates of appreciation for their committed contributions. The feedback result of 3.91 evidently shows that the participants were delighted to be a part of this event.


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The Research and Consultancy Committee of the Information Technology Department organised a seminar on “Funded Project by TRC – Developing an Expert System for Higher Educational Institutions to Prepare Examination Schedule.” by Mr Guruprasath on 25 February 2018 from 12:00 to 13:00 in Lab A109. Mr Guru, along with students, did a funded project under FURAP that is organised by the TRC. At the start, Mr Guru explained the background of the project and from where he and his team took the idea for the project. He mentioned the problem of the current examination system and the methods could be to avoid them. After that, he discussed in the methodology that he and his team used to solve the problems. He explained the findings. Finally, he discussed the challenges that the team face to accomplish the project.

In the end, feedback was collected from members attending the seminar. The majority showed their satisfaction on the arrangements done. On the scale of 5, average feedback was 3.66.


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The Information Technology Department, with support from the Staff Development Committee, conducted a workshop on Item Analysis. The workshop was conducted on Thursday, 28 February 2019, in room A109 at 12 noon. The speaker for the event was Mr. Guruprasath, a lecturer at Ibri College of Technology. 

The speaker started with a question and answer session and stressed its importance and usage. He said that Item Analysis helps us to ensure the fairness of assessment and to identify content areas that may be problematic for students. He gave an example of Item Analysis and explained how to calculate it. He suggested creating an item bank for all courses. Mr Safik Khan, lecturer of Information Technology, created an Item Analysis in AMS and explained how to use it. This workshop helped staff members to get a better understanding of Item Analysis. Staff members discussed and asked questions. In conclusion, the HoD appreciated Mr Guruprasath and Mr Safik for their efforts and he said that with the help of Item Analysis the department can improve their testing standards. The event ended at 1.25pm.The workshop achieved a feedback score of 3.45.


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The information Technology Department of Ibri College of Technology participated in the Open Day of Research that was held at Ibri College of Applied Sciences on Tuesday, 26 February 2019 under the patronage of Dr Amal Al Badwawi, Assistant Director General for Academic Affairs, Ministry of Higher Education.

Dr Duhai Al Shukaili, (HoD, Information Technology) was a member of the panel discussion entitled Improving research in Undergraduate Institutions with other members who were Dr Ahmed Said Al Busaidi, Manager of Strategic Research Programmes,  The Research Council, Sultanate of Oman, Miss Amal Al Maqrashi, TRC Research Award Winner and Faculty, University of Nizwa. Nasim Al Balushi (Lecturer, Information Technology) presented a workshop for the students about academic writing, and how to prepare research papers.




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