Orientation Program on Specialization Choice

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Orientation Program on Specialization Choice was conducted on Tuesday, 5th November 2019. The purpose of this program was to help the students of Information Technology Department who will move from Diploma year-I to Year-II and Diploma year-II to Advanced Diploma during semester-II of AY 2019-2020 to choose their specialization. 

Mr. Rajasekeran, Registration Committee coordinator and Mr. Shaik Mastan Vali, Academic Support Committee Coordinator of IT Department, arranged this program.  In this program, our department Registrar Mr.Rajasekaran, delivered a lecture to our students. During this program, he gave more information related to the different levels, specializations available in each level, courses offered, marks, grades, credits and briefly explained about the content of each course. He added some more information related to the job opportunities for each specializations and on the job training. He concluded the session by clarifying the student’s doubts and providing some important guidelines and advises which helps the students to choose their specialization.  

 Ms. Samiya Al Yaqoobi, IT-Coordinator translated the same information in Arabic, which helps the students to understand more clearly.

9 students were attended this program. The program started at 12.00 pm in lab-A119 attached (Hardware Lab) and ended at 12.50 pm. The Registration committee and the Academic Support Committee of the IT Department organized this program.

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