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Mechanical &Industrial Engineering section offers diploma and advanced diploma courses from 2012 onwards. Mechanical engineering section has highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The faculty members actively engaged in dissemination of knowledge to the students to meet the current requirement of the industries.

The Mechanical &Industrial Engineering section has the state of the art facilities in various laboratories, workshops and classrooms with active participation of e-learning. The section is supported by a number of well-established laboratories such as Thermal Engineering Lab, Applied mechanics Lab, Materials Lab, Fluid mechanics lab and CNC Lab with simulation facilities. The section also has workshop comprising of Machine Shop, Fitting, Sheet Metal and Welding shops.

Students are encouraged to do real time projects which are useful to the society and industries. The department regularly organizes technical workshops for the faculty members to expose them to emerging areas. Guest lectures and industrial visits are periodically arranged for the students to supplement their curriculum. We motivate students to excel in all fields of engineering and in all extracurricular activities.

Head of Mechanical/ Industrial Section

Head of Mechanical/ Industrial Section

Welcome to the Section of Mechanical Engineering at Ibri College of Technology. The Mechanical Engineering Section has been a vital component of the Engineering Department since the College was founded. This website provides an overview of the academic programs and individuals that comprise the Department and Sections.
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Mechanical Engineering

If you feel and want about mechanics, energy and heat, mathematics, engineering sciences, design work and this course is for you.This deal in mechanics includes fluids, ranging from still water to hypersonic gases flowing around a space vehicle; it involves the motion of anything from a particle to a machine or complex structure. Read More »

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