ELC Committees: Professional Development Committee

 The Professional Development Committee is responsible for conducting workshops, seminars, guest lectures, professional training programmes, etc. at centre level. The purpose is to address weaknesses identified through staff appraisal. Based on the results of needs analysis, supporting staff participating in professional development events ensures that the English Language Centre follows the benchmarking policy of the college, as well as professional development activities that include:

  •  ELT PD Workshop

The ELC Professional Development Committee organised its 6th ELTPDW on Wednesday, 8 April 2020. The general theme was: Strategies of Encouraging, Engaging, and Educating Students (SEEES_3) It had 21 sub-themes. It has been postponed until a further notice because of Coronavirus Covid-19. (All information is available on ELC website.)

  •  Ongoing Training

 The ELC Professional Development Committee motivates staff to pursue ongoing and continuous training. It is important that staff continue to be competent in their profession to inspire their students on the one hand and their fellow colleagues on the other. It is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional’s career. The Professional Development Committee requested the ELC staff to join some free online training courses. These courses are provided by different educational platforms: 


  • Archives 

The Professional Development Committee organised its 5th ELTPDW (17 April 2019), 4th ELTPDW (18 April 2018) , 3rd ELTPDW (19 April 2017), 2nd ELTPDW (13-14 April 2016)  and 1st ELTPDW (8 April 2015). All information keynote speaker(s), reported about the event and photos are provided in the college website, appearing in reverse order.

  •  TES Talk 

The ELC Professional Development Committee provides staff with a TES Talk Programme. It is a platform which touches different current ELT topics. It was launched officially under the auspices of College Dean, Dr Hamdan Al Manthari on Tuesday, 3 December 2019. TES Talk is a 15-minute talk for speakers from inside and outside Oman. It is mainly based on sharing personal teaching experiences with others in a micro- and macro-cosmetic learning and teaching atmosphere. (All information is provided in the ELC website.)

  • Webinars

The ELC Professional Development Committee organised several webinars conducted by international speakers from Egypt, Ukraine, Belarus, UK, USA, Algeria, Nepal, Iran, etc. (All information is provided in Archive News on the ELC website.) The ELC PD will conduct webinars for its staff. The speakers can be from the ELC or outside and will tackle current ELT topics. ELC staff can also join free webinars provided by AE Live Teacher Development on or by


  • Cambridge Assessment  

  •  E-Workshops

 The ELC Professional Development Committee helps staff to become more productive, effective, and prolific through joining E-workshops. They help them advance in their career and move into new positions where they can lead, manage, influence, coach, and mentor others. The  Professional Development Committee motivates ELC staff to join free e-workshops provided by the college educational platforms or via different links:


  • Training Courses

The main purpose of training courses in education has gained growing attention in recent years, largely because they offer perfect training which aligns with staff needs and interests. Online training courses are an alternative and the best choice for the ELC staff to stay active, productive, and up to date. The Professional Committee encourages ELC staff to join the free training courses provided by different educational platforms:


  • Teacher Training Videos

 ELC staff are encouraged to join very useful teacher training videos. These are provided by:
 or TEDx Talks at  

  Please note that all reports related to PD committee activities from 2017-2020 are available on the web site.