IbriCT fosters a research culture among faculty members and students to keep them in pace with recent developments in their respective disciplines. IbriCT realises research and consultancy development through the Research and Consultancy Committee (RCC). The RCC consists of one senior faculty member as chairman and one research coordinator from each academic department or centre.

Each department forms different groups or teams of faculty members working around areas of their interest. Each workgroup functions with well-defined research objectives and an activity plan to meet out the research targets.

IbriCT encourages research among the faculty and students by funding research projects internally through the Research Funding Programme (RFP). The RFP has been effective since academic year 2017-18.

IbriCT encourages and invites collaborative research activities with neighboring Institutions, organizations and companies for the development of Omani Society.  

 For any kind of collaboration related to research, kindly contact


 Research and Consultancy Committee