Research Funding Programme (RFP)

IbriCT encourages faculty members and students to meet their research targets through the internal Research Funding Programme from AY 2017-18. A Call for Proposals under RFP is to be published in the month of March of every academic year. Proposals will be reviewed by the RCC in the month of April and recommended to the College Council for approval. The College Council approves the proposals of the research teams.

The research teams will carry out the research for a period of one year and report progress  every six months to the RCC. On completion of one year, the research team will submit a completion report to the RCC. This process will repeat every academic year.

 Call 1  AY 2017-18  Funded Projects under Research Funding Programme







Predicting Student Learning Performance using Educational Data Mining

Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili

Ms. Deeba Khan

Mr. Mangesh Ramdasji

Ms. Fatma Al Shamili

Data Mining

Information Technology


Improving Location based Processes using GPS and IPS in IbriCT

Mr. Someshwar K

Mr. Mangesh Ramdasji

Location based Services

Information Technology


Design and Development of an Intelligent Safety System for Automobiles

Mr. Abid Siddique

Dr. Rehna Veerankutty

Mr. Sreenivas Naik

Mr. Abdul Hafeeez Sajid

Mr. Someshwar K

Safety System

In Automobiles