Student Activities 

1. Commencement of the Speaking Café

The Students’ Activities Committee initiated Speaking Café by conducting a short speech competition on “The Importance of Interpersonal Skills” on 22 October 2019 in the ELC lobby area. The welcome note delivered by Ms Omaima Al Shiabani (English Society Member). Twelve students participated in the first round of the competition and Ms Hind and Maha Al Darei were the judges. Dr Mohsen trained the contestants and made them familiar with the elements of interpersonal skills before the competition. Since interpersonal skills are crucial elements for the business market and hunting for jobs, the committee has decided to train students in extracurricular classes and organise more activities in this area. The main aim of this activity was to familiarise students with interpersonal skills and prepare them for public speaking. Speaking Café is a stress-free environment for the students to provide them with a chance to speak and practice speaking with various teachers. The committee made several appointments (one-to-one / small group tutoring) and activities for the students during the whole semester.

2. Writing Center: One-to-One and Small Group Tutoring

Writing skills are one of the challenges students face. Although remedial classes have been offered to students each semester by the ELC, the committee found that our students need more assistance in this area. In this regard, the committee initiated a writing centre in addition to the Speaking Café. Writing Centre is in the form of one-to-one and small group appointments with teachers. Foundation Programme students welcomed the Writing Centre a lot, and a good number of students enrolled and made appointments for enhancing their writing skills. Thanks to Mr Jose, Mr Mohammed Al Shammakhi, Ms Sandra and Mr Mohsen for their collaboration in teaching students.

3. Peer Tutoring Program 

The Students’ Activities Committee has always been a good asset for the top and low achievers of students in the ELC. Every semester, the committee tries to advertise and motivate all students for the Peer Tutoring Programme where one student teaches the other one. In the Writing Centre, students can enroll for the Peer Tutoring Programme and complete a form for the activity. In the past two semesters (AY 2019-2020), many students registered for this activity and it was highly useful, based on the feedback taken from students. Meanwhile, the committee provides helping material for the students and monitors them during their Peer Tutoring sessions.  Ms Samah Al Ghafri, Mr Salim Alhossni, Noor Humaid Salim Algharibi and Ms Shahad Al Kalbani were the volunteering peer tutors who taught their tutees in Level 1, Level 3, Level 4 and Technical Writing 1. 

4. Performing Gala (II) Dramas by the Foundation Programme Students

The Students’ Activities Committee conducted Short Dramas on 28 November 2019 for the Quality Assurance (Gala 2) session. Nine Foundation Programme students took part in the activity from different levels on the Quality Assurance policy awareness in the form of dramas. The aim of conducting dramas was to implement the QA policies in a practical way for the students. The initial creative ideas and scripts of dialogues were written by Dr Sultan Al Ghafri, and the students were mtrained by Dr Mohsen. The topics were on the Students Grievance, Academic Integrity and Assessment Method and Moderation. The session was a great success based, on the feedback of audience. Our thanks are extended to Dr Sultan Al Ghafri and Mrs Hiba Qureshi for their support and recommendations. The list of students who performed the dramas is: 

Group 1: Assessment Method and Moderation 

Group 1: Assessment Method and Moderation

  • Alaya Said Rashid Al Azizi
  • Kothar Khalifa Salim Mohammed Al Gahfri
  • Aryam Ali Al Mamari

Group 2. Student Grievance

  • Noor Badar Salim Al Gharibi
  • Carmel Ghani Bader
  • Said Masoud Mohammed Al Azizi

Group 3 Academic Integrity

  • Abdullah Ali Salim Al Abri
  • Mohammed Nasser Salim Al Balushi
  • Omaima Hafedh Mohammed Al Shaibani

5. Cultural Day at Ibri Bawadi Mall 

The ELC believes that our mission is to prepare students for life beyond the college. One of the ways of doing this is to incorporate learning experiences outside the classroom. These different experiences contribute in making learning exciting and fun. The Cultural Day is an event where students choose a country and present it in front of others in terms of its history, famous things and food. On 12 November 2019, the Level One students organised this event but this time it was led in Ibri Bawadi Mall. The students chose 10 countries, one per group. The countries were Qatar, Peru, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, India, America, Spain, China and Italy. The students talked about these countries and they presented famous aspects about each country. They had fun and thy could speak in public to different people such as school students and Bawadi Mall visitors. Such events can motivate the students and give them a opportunity to practice English in a real context. Thanks to Ms Maha Al Darei and Level 1 teachers for organising the event.

6. Personality Development  and Soft Skill Programme

The Students’ Activities Committee has formed a group of active students who registered through forms in the Speaking Café for the Personality Development and Soft Skills Programme in the second semester, 2019-2020. The members are called English Society Members. The purpose of personality development classes is to train and enhance the students’ interpersonal skills and boost their personality and soft skills in advanced and professional ways. The head of the committee, Mr Mohsen, organised the first session, titled “Road to Success”, with the English Society members on 4 March 2020 at 12 o’clock in the VIP Room.

7. Short Film Festival/Competition 

The objective of the short film festival/ competition was to create English language content in a fun and creative way. The material was student-driven and produced outside of the ESL classroom that allowed for English language students to practice the target language whilst engaging in an activity that was of mutual interest to both the lecturers and L2 learners.

The event combined ingenuity with English language acquisition that helped students to associate the English language attainment as fun, engaging, as well as being informative. The short films that the students produced had to be related to being an Ibri College of Technology undergraduate. 

A number of Foundation Programme Level 2 students created short movies that surpassed the organisers' expectations. As a result, it was a difficult task selecting the winners for the eight designated categories. However, teachers and students voted for the best short film overall, and the organisers chose the winners for the other six categories. 

The list of winners is below with a link provided to view each winner’s movie: 

Best Actress: Sheikha Said Al Shumooni

Best Actor: Abdulaziz Mohammed Rashid Al Rubkhi

Best Short Film Soundtrack: Life in Ibri

Best Short Film Theme: Speed

Best Short Film Poster Design: Ibri City

Best Short Film Cinematography: Ibri: ATown of Many Things

Best Short Film Teachers’ choice: 90

Best Short Film Students Choice: Different 

Teaching and Learning through the ELC Instagram Account

Extra-curricular programmes have been a useful asset for students of the General Foundation Programme and the Post-Foundation Programme in the ELC. In this regard, the Students Activities Committee decided to continue its activities by creating an official Instagram account. The purpose of this account is to conduct live teaching sessions for the benefit of the students. The account functions as a platform to assist students with their writing and speaking skills. It provides opportunities for our students to speak, write and learn English through Live Free Discussions, Posters and Tutorial video clips, made by our colleagues.  Read more...