About IbriCT

About Ibri College of Technology

Ibri College of Technology is one of the Regional Colleges of Technology under the Ministry of Manpower in Oman, alongside with Musanna, Nizwa, Ibra, Salalah, and Shinas in addition to the Higher College of Technology in Muscat.

Ibri College of Technology is the youngest among the other seven Colleges of Technology in Oman with its current population of 3,206 students studying in various programs. The college accepted its first intake in September of 2007 with 347 students all in the foundation program.

Our College

Ibri College of Technology is one of seven regional Colleges of Technology under the Ministry of Manpower in Oman, along with Musanna, Nizwa, Ibra, Salalah, and Shinas in addition to the Higher College of Technology in Muscat.

Ibri College of Technology is the youngest of the Colleges of Technology with a current student count of 2,601 students studying in various programmes. The college accepted its first intake in September 2007 with 347 students, all in the Foundation Programme.

The programmes offered at the college are of the same academic standards approved and monitored by experienced educators at the Higher College of Technology (HCT) in Muscat, to ensure that student needs in the industry and globally are sustained. The college has four academic departments: English Language Centre, Engineering, Information Technology and Business Studies.


Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari



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Motto, Vision and Mission - (SP 2019-2024)


 Where Technology is Invented.


 To be at the forefront of higher education institution in technological education nationally and regionally.


 To provide a high quality learning training and research environment towards developing technological, innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the ever evolving social and economic needs.



  1. To anchor our identity of technological education within an effective and effective institutional system.

  2. To foster an environment that promotes applied research, innovation and consultancy in various fields of technology.

  3. To continuously develop institutional relationships in all relevant spheres with all stakeholders.

Graduate Attributes

  Graduate Attributes Group skills
Attribute 1  Effective Communication
  • Active listening
  • Critical reading
  • Confident speaking
  • Focused writing 
Attribute 2  Scholastic rigor & practical competence
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Analytical thinking
  • Time management
  • Dexterousness
  • Knowledgeability
Attribute 3  Team work
  • Collaboration
  • Tolerance and flexibility
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Time management 
Attribute 4  Lifelong learning
  • Research skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Goal setting
  • Commitment
  • Adaptability 
Attribute 5  Autonomy and Accountability
  • Work independently
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Reliability 
  • Authenticity
Attribute 6  Innovation
  •  Imagination
  • Aspiration
  • Problem solving
  • Solution-integration
  • Visionary
  • Perseverance
Attribute 7  Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity
  • Initiation
  • Risk-taking
  • Resilience
  • Inspiration
  • Persistence

College values

In pursuing its mission, the College's core values are:

    To demonstrate ethical practices in all transactions, practices and processes.

     To apply agreed rules and regulations, following set policies including code of conduct and standard operating procedures and working diligently to attain set outcomes.


    To establish life-long learning excellence in technological knowledge acquisition, application and innovation.

    To enhance participation and partnership relations within and beyond Colleges of Technology.

Vision Mission (SP 2013-2018)

Vision and Mission - (SP 2013-2018)


We will be a leading technological institution, providing high quality teaching and learning to prepare and empower the Omani professionals of the future to contribute to national socioeconomic development.


To deliver high quality student-centered education that produces competitive graduates who enter the labor market with confidence, strong technological and personal skills, prepared for life of contribution and success. fsdfs


Goals and Objectives 

1. Governance We will provide excellent governance and administration with transparency and adherence to ethical principles.
2. Teaching and learning Teaching and learning We will offer all students high quality teaching, learning and training opportunities through continuous market analysis and curriculum review process and using recent technology.
3. Entrepreneurial skills We will offer quality programs that promote entrepreneurial skills and respond to the changing market needs and developments in technology.
4. Graduate outcomes We will ensure that our graduates develop into responsible citizens by enriching their values and attributes to positively affect the socio-economic development.
5. Staff development We will develop staff by offering opportunities for professional and personal development, rewarding hard work and innovative thinking.
6. Research We will encourage opportunities for applied research and consultancy.
7. Stakeholder engagement We will foster mutually beneficial constructive partnerships with various public and private sector organizations, local professional bodies and international communities that benefit the community at large.
8. Support services We will provide facilities and learning resources that are effectively utilized and well managed to ensure efficient student and staff services.


College Values

In pursuing its mission, the College's core values are:


    Hard work, commitment, accountability and transparency.

    Honesty and fairness.

    A willingness to learn, develop new skills, and take on new responsibilities.

    Transparency, diversity, acceptance, openness to constructive criticism and ethical behavior.

    Imagination and originality.

    Commitment to the effective exchange of information.

Graduate Attributes

  Graduate Attributes
Attribute 1 Are well disciplined and committed to hard work and a high standard of productivity
Attribute 2 Are able to apply knowledge and skills to a diverse and competitive work environment
Attribute 3 Are able to think critically as well as analyse and solve problems
Attribute 4 Have a high degree of competence in using information and communication technology
Attribute 5 Are professionally competent and up-to-date in their field of specialization in a changing global environment
Attribute 6 Can gather and process knowledge from a variety of sources, and communicate effectively in written and spoken English
Attribute 7 Can effectively demonstrate and apply good interpersonal skills in teamwork and leadership roles
Attribute 8 Are committed to self-development through lifelong learning
Attribute 9 Are socially responsible citizens aware of contemporary issues in contributing to national development
Attribute 10 Are able to demonstrate and apply their entrepreneurial skills